For those who don’t want to commit to a drastic fall chop, switching up your hair colour is one of the easiest ways to refresh your hairstyle in fall. Although hair colour used to follow a pattern of lightning during summer and darkening during the winter months, all bets are off in our “anything goes” society. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a complete rehaul COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY has plenty of options to transform or give your hair colour refresh in fall.

What to go with this fall?

From sun and chlorine exposure and dry air that dehydrates your hair to more frequent styling, your hair goes through a lot during warm summer months. But, one of the most annoying things for those who colour hair is a summer fade. So, when’s a better time to refresh your looks than in autumn? Use vibrant tones and shades of the season as inspiration, and pick the perfect hair colour for your style! If you follow current trends, you’ll notice there is something for everyone, whether you prefer high or low-maintenance hair tones.

VIOLET.INTENSE – For those with a taste for vibrant and intensive tones

As a colourist, violet has always been a widely popularised shade and as we head into a new season, there is a renewed love for this shade on every level with both vibrant and subtle iterations. Use on pre-lightened hair for a bold outcome or add hints to blonde and brunette shades to ensure a truly cool finish.

CHOCOLATE.ASH – Classic, natural hair look that never goes out of style

Many clients are opting for low-maintenance options this season, which means brunettes are looking for new ways to embrace their true tones. As a natural extension of the NUDE line, CHOCOLATE.ASH has taupe and brown reflects that create a truly modern feel. Natural hair tones are always trending, so going brunette is a safe call this autumn.

pH.D – If you need to balance out the uneven tone

A beautiful option for grey blending, darker colourations or enhancing reflects, pH.D gives stylists the ability to refine colour within an easy-to-apply formula. What we love most about pH.D is the truly innovative technology behind it. It allows stylists to create deposit-only acid formulations from all SHADESCLEAR and/or BOOSTERS

**However pH.D should not be mixed with HIGH.LIFTS or TONERS

Not only does it give stylists the freedom to create limitless colour possibilities while streamlining the need for multiple colour lines in the salon, pH.D turns the colour process into a treatment for the hair by conditioning and providing long-lasting shine and brilliance.

BLONDE.ANGEL – Guardian angel for blondes

One of the most common post-summer problems any stylist or client faces is the dreaded brassy fade. Hair discolouration happens for a variety of reasons and can impact any colour application. While the addition of VIOLET.INTENSE can help mitigate brassiness, home care treatments are necessary to ease the impact.

BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH and BLONDE.ANGEL have become cult favourites for their ability to neutralise brassy shades in blonde, brunette or grey hair while also providing excellent nourishment for colour-treated hair. Every client should stash this in their bag while on vacation and use it consistently at home to refresh their shades.

BLONDE.ANGEL is every blonde’s secret to amazing, sun-kissed hair!

EVERLASTING.COLOR – The easiest way to prolong and protect your coloured hair!

Preserving colour and protecting it from fade can be daunting, especially if you prefer more intensive colour tones. Still, we’ve come up with a solution for that problem with our EVERLASTING.COLOURa colour-locking regimen with pH sealing technology. Shielding your hair from oxidants, hard-water mineral build-up and chlorine has never been easier. Hair colour refresh in fall is a great way to reinvent or improve your hairstyle. But, make sure such magnificent hair last throughout the year!r