Growing out your bob or looking to shave off a little length? Mid-length haircuts are making waves as the next big it-trend. We’ve already seen “The Rachel” and “The Monica” making their rounds, but as we head into winter, the midi flick trend will drive everyone to seek a mid-length cut.

What is the midi flick hair trend?

The midi flick combines a lob and the viral Butterfly cut. The finished style is a mix of something out of a Nancy Meyers movie and everything we love about the 90s fluffy hair looks — polished and demure, yet still cheeky. 

How is it different from a classic lob?

While similar in length, the midi-flick features much more volume and body. This is due to the addition of texture around the crown. The lob features a more blunt finish, while the midi flick trend is all about lofty layers. Instead of sleek blow-dries or languid waves, the midi flick also features an airy finish and flicked-out ends to capitalise on its shape. 

Who can wear the look?

With tailored finishes, anyone can wear the midi flick trend. Pair it with a fringe or switch up the part during styling to adjust the look for various face shapes and hair types. This look is also ideal for fine to medium hair types looking to add effortless body to their style.

What to ask for in the salon:

  • Ask for a cut that falls between your shoulders and your collarbones. 
  • For thick hair types, layers should be strategically placed to remove weight.
  • Thinner or finer hair will benefit from focusing on the face frame to ensure volume isn’t taken out of the silhouette. 

How to style the midi flick:

This look will most likely require more styling than other low-key looks. While the idea is to aim for an effortless finish, it will take effort to get there. 

  • Step 1. Layer HEATED.DEFENSE + EVER.BOUNCE on damp hair to protect against heat damage, speed up your blow-dry and add style memory.  
  • Step 2. If your hair has trouble holding volume, apply BODY.BUILDER mousse on the new growth for a weightless lift that stays in place without any sticky crunch.
  • Step 3. Section hair and use a LARGE.ROLL.BRUSH to smooth the hair and add a slight flick to the ends. If you’re having trouble creating the rounded flick, use a medium or small round brush instead. 
  • Step 4. Once the hair is cool, apply DOO.OVER to add volume, hold and a refreshing feel, and then fluff your style with your fingers for an airy finish. 

If you want to flaunt your natural texture instead, replace step three with a diffuser attachment. If touchups are required, follow this by wrapping hair around a curling tong to touch up your style. Either way you wear it, the midi flick trend is an excellent way to add volume to your mid-length style. 

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