We’ve seen our fair share of hair trends throughout the years. But there’s one overarching theme that has turned into a movement. More popular than the Wolf Cut, Disco Curls or Candlelit Highlights combined, the top trend we’ll see season after season all comes down to healthy hair! Despite colour, cut or style, one thing each trend has in common is the shiny, healthy, lustrous glow courtesy of a well developed hair care routine. Sharing the secret to super glossy, healthy hair, we’re showing you how to get the look with a few simple upgrades.

How To Get Ultra Glossy Hair 

Turn down the heat

From UV exposure to heat styling and even hot showers, when our hair is exposed to too high of heat or continuous environmental exposure it can lead to premature colour fade, dryness and damage. With a few quick swaps you can easily reverse these triggers.

  • Pair a hat with your outfits this summer to block UV exposure
  • Turn the water temps down in the shower
  • Always use a heat protectant like HEATED.DEFENSE every time you use hot tools.
  • Learn how to air-dry your hair instead with the help of KILLER.TWIRLS.

Choose ultra-hydrating products

Hydration is key whether you want to increase shine, cut down on frizz, or both. It can help define your texture and guard against damage which is why it is one of the most important factors when it comes to a healthy hair routine.

  • Plan out your wash days based on your hair type and texture.
  • Consider using a complete hydrating system like HYDRATE-ME.WASH, RINSE and MASQUE. When used together the unique formulation delivers benefits to restore moisture while hydrating dry hair, repairing and restoring shine.

Counteract aging

Each day our hair is subject to daily stressors that can lead to loss of elasticity, moisture, and shine. Going one step past repair, using products that rejuvenate the hair can help turn back the hands of time and oxidative stress that causes ageing.

  • From prepping the hair to finishing your style, products infused with Immortelle counteract oxidation to reveal smooth, soft and shiny results.
  • Work YOUNG.AGAIN — a weightless treatment oil into your routine at every step that you can. From using it as a precursor to styling or as a finishing touch, this formula is ideal to fight dry, damaged, brittle hair.
  • To continue the rejuvenating benefits, pair YOUNG.AGAIN with YOUNG.AGAIN.WASH + RINSE, MASQUE and DRY CONDITIONER.

Get a gloss

Glossing treatments, sometimes called “glosses,” “toners,” or “glazes,” are a hair colour service performed in the salon that colour or add shine without lifting your shade. They are the industry’s secret behind glossy, shiny, moisturised hair.

  • GLOSS by COLOR.ME is formulated with KM.BOND2 and Vitamin C to reinforce and replenish bonds. This treatment helps create stronger, bonded hair from the inside out.
  • A GLOSS can be used on all hair types.
  • A CLEAR GLOSS is ideal to add shine to any tone.
  • In addition to adding endless shine, GLOSS reconstructs and deeply moisturises the hair.

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