With salons and stylists specialising in the service and endless at-home innovations, society’s attention to the BLOW.DRY has piqued the interest of both clients and professionals. 

Over the past year, the ability to achieve quicker in-salon results and salon-worthy styles in the home has become paramount, which is why KEVIN.MURPHY is offering 4 brand new ways to achieve the quintessential BLOW.DRY. A new results-driven family of products — BLOW.DRY — which includes EVER.BOUNCEEVER.LIFTEVER.THICKEN and EVER.SMOOTH, utilises naturally-derived ingredients and Long-Chain Polymer technology to enhance your hair’s reaction to heat with customised results proven to elongate the life of your style. Therefore, no matter what hair type you have or the history your strands are starting with, BLOW.DRY allows stylists and consumers to achieve the finished outcome they desire.

To learn more about the line and the unique technology behind it, we chatted with KEVIN.MURPHY HEAD.MASTER Nathan Gorman, who is sharing his expert perspective on BLOW.DRY below.

The Technology Behind Long Chain Polymers

When hair is exposed to everyday aggressors, such as sunlight, pollution, chemical services or excessive heat, it can become coarse, brittle and more vulnerable to split ends and breakage. The role of Long Chain Polymers within hair care products is to help combat these issues and restore damaged hair, resulting in enhanced manageability, and a soft, radiant appearance. Additionally, one of the things Nathan loves most about using BLOW.DRY products is that the effects often last through multiple washes. He explains that once activated by heat, the Long Chain Polymers create a durable cross-linked network on the hair to create soft, radiant results without weighing the hair down or causing residue due to their self-limiting deposition. They also hold smoothing and frizz control properties to reduce friction and the chance of breakage when combing or styling.

Which BLOW.DRY is Best For You

Nathan takes us through each of the four new BLOW.DRY products, their ingredients and which is best for your desired style.

A volumising, heat-activated style extender, EVER.LIFT creates smooth volume and lift for a finish that is soft to the touch that also helps lock out humidity for a long-lasting finish.

To add to the science of the Long Chain Polymers, KEVIN.MURPHY has added Zen Complex — a mix of Artic Root Extract, which is known to endure harsh, cold arctic winters and holds a high concentration of powerful antioxidants to help fight environmental stressors and damage. Also included is Lavender Extract, to nourish and soothe your senses and strands. The Lavender Extract from Tasmania is harvested using a cellular extraction that reflects the true blueprint of the plant.

A thickening heat-activated style extender, EVER.THICKEN creates thicker, fuller hair that lasts. As with the entire BLOW.DRY range, it helps to lock out humidity and seal in a long-lasting finish. Added to this, our Cotton Sprout Complex — a mix of Organic Cotton and Pea Sprout Extract, delivers a recipe that helps hair appear thicker. Organic Cotton contains a high amount of Linolenic Acid, Vitamin E and other antioxidants while Pea Sprout Extract supports hair density with a high degree of shine, strength, and thickness.

A heat-activated style extender with lasting hold, EVER.BOUNCE creates smooth body with bounce. Formulated with a Phyto-Nutrient Complex — Silver Linden, found in Turkey, is a powerful plant extract that forms a protective layer over the hair, helping to achieve bounce. In conjunction with Waratah Flower Extract, which is potent with Phyto-actives, to target the condition of hair and offer protection and resilience to increase movement and hold.EVER-BOUNCE

A smoothing heat-activated style extender, EVER.SMOOTH is activated by the heat of your blow dryer to create an ultimately silky, smooth blow-dry with softness, volume and a frizz-free finish. Wood Bark Complex, comprised of Blue Cypress and White Cypress, behave like an AHA to gently protect the hair, while water-soluble Phyto-actives create resilience. Additionally, Lemon Aspen Fruit Extract packs a potent punch of conditioning and repair thanks to its ability to sustain life in even the most challenging environments.

How To Use:

Whether you’re looking for a bit of fresh inspiration or for guidance at home, head to BLOW.DRY to take a peek at how to achieve our four signature finishes — EVER.BOUNCEEVER.SMOOTHEVER.LIFT, and EVER.THICKEN.

Get The Look:

BLOW.DRY can be used with any KEVIN.MURPHY product, and for a flawless finish Nathan suggests layering. After cleansing and conditioning, apply the EVER of your choice first and then layer with any other problem-solving products over this.

*Pro-tip: If the problem outweighs the required style, start with a solution that is designed to solve it.



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