As we take a deeper look at the constraints of everyday life, we have an even bigger appreciation for the world around us. Marking the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, this year’s theme “Climate Change” strikes a deep chord. Taking the festivities online, organisers are aiming to educate, inspire, and make change in a newly developed digital world.

With a strong commitment to the environment, KEVIN.MURPHY explores The Choices We Make in every facet of the brand. From the bottles we use to the ingredients we source and the resources made available to salons and stylists. This Earth Day we urge you to renew your commitment to the environment and look for new ways to give back each and every day. We’ve rounded up a few up our favourite ideas to help you do your bit this year!

Around the house

If you take a look around your home, you’d be surprised at how many easy and effective switches you can make to help the environment.

In your community

Buying and eating locally cut down on environmental resources while supporting local businesses. Try visiting farmers' markets or picking ingredients that are from nearby sources at the store. Additionally, invest in a few reusable items to make the shopping experience that much easier and eco-friendly!

  • Refuse single-use plastics and invest in reusable canvas produce and market bags
  • Try: Stasher Bags or Toko! produce bags and totes
  • Incorporate more plant-based foods
  • Buy from local markets or delivery programs
  • Cut down on driving. Instead, hop on a bike, scooter, or walk to run errands around town
  • Take a reusable water bottle wherever you go


Recycle, reduce and reuse is already at the heart of the KEVIN.MURPHY community.

Developing new innovative tools, items like the COLOR.ME SUGARCANE BOWL.LINERS and COLOUR.WHEEL, we are giving you new ways to save water, colour, and time in the salon. We are also proud of our partnerships with ECOHEADS and Green Circle Salons – these initiatives help greatly save water and cut down on waste in the salon. Take a peek at how to be more sustainable This Season to learn more about The Choices We Make at KEVIN.MURPHY or check out our tips for Going Green!

From the tools we create to the partnerships we’ve formed, we absolutely love to see the ways in which you up-cycle products. From art installations to planters or storage containers – take a peek at the inspiration from the community.

Be sure to share your KEVIN.MURPHY reuse creations and all the ways you’re contributing to Earth Day this season by tagging us on social media @kevin.murphy!