We’ve seen mermaid hair, salty waves and positive-negative sets rise in popularity over the last few seasons. Looking for fresh inspiration, the latest hair trend — Botticelli waves — gives a nod to the renaissance period and a rise to long, fluffy, aerated waves.

What Inspired The Botticelli Hair Trend?

Named after the famous Italian painter Sandro Botticelli, these romantic waves take on a similar quality to the ethereal nature of his paintings such as The Birth of Venus or his Madonnas with long, flowing hair.

Botticelli Waves: Get The Look

For traditional Botticelli Waves, the look is best achieved on long hair with soft layers. You can utilise your natural texture to get the style or create it with hot tools. 

The Trend On Natural Texture:

Hair types 2A-3C can easily achieve this look by first emphasising their natural texture. 

2A-2C hair types can layer STAYING.ALIVE + KILLER.WAVES and allow to air-dry to create soft, defined waves. If you want more body and bounce, use a tong to add more curl. Brush out using a SMOOTHING.BRUSH and then apply BEDROOM.HAIR for airy separation and hold. 

3A-3C hair types can layer LEAVE-IN.REPAIR and KILLER.CURLS for soft, luscious, refined curls. Once completely dry, use a SMOOTHING.BRUSH and fingers to pull texture apart and spray DOO.OVER for volume, hold and a refreshing feel. 

Achieving The Look with Heat Styling:

If your hair lacks any curl pattern or you want to create a new one, start by prepping hair with HEATED.DEFENSE and EVER.BOUNCE and then rough drying. Next, apply ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY to dry hair and then use a tong to curl and wave the hair in alternating patterns and directions. Once completely cool, rake through the hair with SMOOTHING.BRUSH and spritz BEDROOM.HAIR. 

The Botticelli Bob: Get The Look

Seeing that the bob and other short hairstyles have been at the top of every trend list this season, it only seemed fair that the Botticelli Wave trend also took on a shorter iteration. 

The Botticelli Bob trend starts on a stacked bob or blunt length to get the look. From here the same wave and curl styling on natural or heat-styled hair should be applied. As always, finish with BEDROOM.HAIR or DOO.OVER to ensure that breezy, divided texture that gives off romantic renaissance vibes. 

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