Copper hair colour trends are nothing new. In fact — we see them pick up pace every fall season. However, the thing that distinguishes them is the tonality play between brown, blonde and deeper red and orange hues that make the shades so unique each season. As one of the toughest shades to achieve — and keep up — copper, and any rendition of red, is the perfect ode to the fall season and everything we love so dearly about it. 

Copper Hair Trends for Autumn 2023 for All Hair Types

Given the fact that such a small percentage of the population has naturally red hair, the process of becoming a copper-toned beauty usually takes on two parts — pre-lightening and toning, or if you’re lucky, a single process with a permanent shade will do the trick. This will all depend on the type of copper hair colour you’re after and your starting shade. It is simple to add a hint of copper to brunettes or a wash of colour on blondes, but if you want a more vibrant shade, you might need to opt for highlights first. 

GLOSS Treatments for Copper Hair Colour

The shade is not for the faint of heart, as once you achieve the shade, there will be salon appointments for upkeep as well as home care regimens that should be followed for longevity.

One of the best ways to keep your copper hair colour vibrant throughout the season is by scheduling regular GLOSS touch-up appointments. In addition to perfecting your copper hair colour and adding shine, GLOSS is an all-in-one colour and repair treatment service enhanced with bond builders to deliver beautiful colour, 37% thicker, and 25% stronger hair. Following any hair colour treatment, the ideal way to keep your shade from fading is by getting a little help from EVERLASTING.COLOUR. This range was created to deliver colour longevity and bond-building repair. Consisting of a TREATMENT, WASH, RINSE and LEAVE-IN, EVERLASTING.COLOUR can take care of your colour and strengthen your hair throughout the process and between appointments.

Our Favourite Copper Shades of Fall 2023

Whether the plan to colour your hair copper was preconceived or made on the spot at the salon, you’ll want to search for a variety of copper hair colour ideas to ensure you’re picking the right shade for your skin tone. As a rule of thumb, those with cooler skin tones should choose cooler copper tones while those with warm undertones can go with warmer shades of copper. After you choose your copper shade, your stylist can help tailor the tone with warm or cool boosters to get a shade that is ideal for you.

We love this copper hair colour look made on Sadie, featured in our latest BEACHCOMBER & POOLSIDE collections.

The top copper hair colour trends of fall 2023 include:

  • Cowboy Copper — A rich copper shade with added brown tones to create a leathery look.
  • Apple Cider Copper — This year’s strawberry blonde, apple cider copper is paler than most trends but adds a faint pastel copper shade to your look. 
  • Cinnamon Copper — Full of warmth and depth, this copper shade also has a touch of brown, but with a more scintillating gold finish. 

To achieve the perfect copper, COPPER.INTENSE is a must-have. With a range of depths, you can easily use the SHADE on its own or add to existing formulas to create an individualised hue. Check out this blog post to see our favourite formulas utilising COPPER.INTENSE.

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