Trendy cool blonde hairstyle on woman in red.
Trendy cool blonde hairstyle on woman in red.
Trendy cool blonde hairstyle on woman in red.

There’s no doubt about the influence the weather has on our hair colour. Each year as autumn rolls around we see warmth in the form of copper, gold, and spice – but as we head into winter everything turns icy with platinum blonde and cool brunette around every turn. If you’re looking for a winter-worthy finish but you’ve reached Barbie burnout, we’ve got a few new ways to embrace blonde this season. By now, you might have heard about Bambi Blonde, Scandi Hairline, and Expensive Blonde, but no matter the name or placement, the overarching factor for most blondes this season is a cool, borderline neutral finish.

From brightening your mood to creating a more vibrant complexion, these are just a few of the reasons why blonde hair colour dominates during the winter months and 2023 will see cool blonde tones with lived-in placement take over. This includes lots of beige, sand, nude, or pearl finishes. By opting for a cool, cozy blonde instead of the go-to platinum tones, you’re able to dial back the damage while turning up your undertones.

Who is cool blonde best suited for?

Typically cool hair colours are best for those with cool skin complexions — think pink or blue undertones.

However, because the new cool tones for winter 2023 also include more neutral options, the colour can translate to a wider audience that includes warmer skin tones. The goal of this new style is to work with what you’ve got — your natural hair colour — and enhance it from there.

How to get the look:

To get you there, your stylist will most likely use a lightener followed by a GLOSS to perfect the final look. However, instead of traditional bleach, there is a new alternative that can easily lift and tone simultaneously. Meet KEVIN.MURPHY+BLONDE HIGH.LIFT. With the ability to lift up to 5 levels while also toning the hair and cutting down on damage usually caused by traditional bleaching methods, BLONDE HIGH.LIFT becomes the optimal choice for both stylists and clients to achieve a cool blonde colour.

How to keep the look:

Between BLONDE HIGH.LIFT services, book for a quick and easy GLOSS appointment to refresh your tone and keep your blonde the perfect shade of cool while also improving the look, feel and condition of your hair. A GLOSS is an ideal service for anyone who colours their hair, especially during the harsh winter months, thanks to KM.BOND2 that reinforces and replenishes bonds that create stronger, bonded hair from the inside out.

Product Picks for Cool Blonde Hair Colour:

Once you find your perfect cool blonde shade, you’ll want to hold onto it. To do so, using Colour-enhancing products as well as shampoo and conditioner that extends the life of your colour is essential. This is why we recommend stocking up on BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH, BLONDE.ANGEL or COOL.ANGEL and EVERLASTING.COLOUR WASH, RINSE and LEAVE-IN.

BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH + BLONDE.ANGEL is a lavender-hued shampoo and treatment duo that cancels unwanted warm tones to rid hair of brassiness to brighten and restore your blonde.

COOL.ANGEL is an ash-toned treatment that helps keep your hair colour cool between appointments by cancelling red and orange hues while restoring moisture and enhancing shine.

EVERLASTING.COLOUR is a range consisting of shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in conditioner that elongate the life of your colour, with a pH sealing formula that offers bond-building protection. Helping close the cuticle and adding shine, this range has a WASH, RINSE and LEAVE-IN and also offers an at-home bond-building TREATMENT when your hair needs an extra boost of protection.

For the days when you want to add a little extra shimmer to your style, spritz SHIMMER.ME BLONDE throughout your look — a lightweight leave-in styler that contains light reflective technology to refresh your blonde, enhance the elasticity and moisture, and leave strands impeccably shiny.