While many of us have fallen in love with Italy yet again thanks to HBO’s The White Lotus, some of have loved it all along. There’s a timeless elegance the country exudes, whether you’re wandering the lemon groves of Amalfi or dining curbside in Firenze. Taking our styling cues from the Italians living “la dolce vida”, styling trends have followed suit with nods to 1960s glamour and the classic styling that accompanies it. We love a great low-maintenance air-dry routine for everyday, but there are times when we want to add a touch of glamour to our style. Whether it’s for a special occasion, an event, or date night — returning to the classics are the way to enhance your look.

Classic Hairstyles For A Glamorous Finish


There’s a reason why the bun has continued to be a style staple throughout every decade. It offers a chic, simple way to pull the hair back with little effort and maximum impact. From hiding second-day hair to pulling hair off the shoulders to escape the heat, this style is as practical as it is polished. To get the look, be sure to prep the hair with POWDER.PUFF and SHIMMER.SHINE to add body and shine.


No matter the length of your hair, creating a classic curled blowout will always be in fashion. The look is all about creating volume alongside a smooth finish which is why ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY and SESSION.SPRAY are must-haves to enhance the finish. The key is to start with a solid foundation set and brush through your curls to create just the right amount of movement.


While you can recreate a similar look with tongs, there’s no comparison to a classic wet finger wave set. Wear it with a shiny “wet look” or let it dry and comb it out for a voluminous finish — either way, the shape of this style is iconic. To create a wet look — prep the hair with BODY.BUILDER and HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY on wet hair, create the shapes with the thin part of the comb and finish with a layer of SESSION.SPRAY to really lock in the shape. 

Cover Image Credit: @styloweczesanie

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