Deciding whether or not to cover your greys is a personal decision. As trends and movements expand and we embrace more individualised styles, many of us are on the hunt for new alternatives. Luckily, the latest innovations in hair dye and coverage techniques give more options than ever whether you’re looking to blend, cover or accent your greys.

Why Does Hair Turn Grey

Our bodies are constantly changing, and as we get older some functions slow or halt. The reason why hair turns grey (or white) is due to fewer pigment cells being present within the follicle, leading to less melanin and therefore less colour produced.

Hair Colour Options for Grey Coverage

Cover it, blend it, or embrace it. From colour to styling, we’re moving toward more natural-looking finishes and your hair colour should be no different.


Permanent or demi-permanent hair colour is usually needed when you decide to cover grey hair completely. The formulation used will change slightly based on the amount of greys you have and how well your hair holds colour. For foolproof coverage, we recommend asking for COLOR.ME SHADES — a permanent high-performance colour range that can create natural tone-on-tone, grey coverage, or up to three levels of lift. If you’re looking for a no-lift, no-shift, deposit-only alternative, your stylist can add pH.D to any SHADE formulation to achieve these results.


Grey blending has grown in popularity because it usually doesn’t require as much maintenance as full coverage. This is a great option whether you’ve just started noticing a change or if you simply want to add a cast of colour to your overall tone. Speaking with your stylist about your specific needs is the best way to come up with a plan. However, some great options include:

Blending with highlights and a GLOSS — your stylist can use a lightener or a high-lift process to blend your greys with highlights. After lifting, applying a GLOSS is a great idea to tone the hair and improve strength and condition.

A global GLOSS — KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME GLOSS is a demi-permanent hair colour solution that can help blend greys while actively improving the condition of your hair. Lasting 15+ washes it allows you to colour hair without the new growth effect. Formulated with KM.BOND² technology, hair is 25% stronger after a single application and 37% thicker.

SHADES + pH.D — For a no-lift, no-shift, deposit-only finish without a line of demarcation, this acidic colour formulation can be the perfect answer to grey blending or as a follow-on service with grey coverage.


We’re entering a new era, one where we are embracing grey as a colour, not a sign of ageing. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your natural tone, adding a GLOSS or colour-enhancing products can add vibrancy to your finished style.

Something to note is that when hair turns grey or white, the condition of the hair can also become coarse and brittle. For this reason, choose strengthening products like EVERLASTING.COLOUR TREATMENT, WASH, RINSE and LEAVE-IN are essential. With bond-building technology, this system transforms hair from the inside out, leading to softer, smoother, more resilient hair.

Aside from condition, depending on your habits, grey or white hair can become discoloured. To counteract yellowing and add a brilliant shine, ask your stylist about GLOSS treatments. From CLEAR to VIOLET — there are quick and easy options to enhance your tone while also building stronger, shinier, healthier hair. To counteract yellowing and discoloration at home, BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH + BLONDE.ANGEL is ideal. It is formulated with lavender pigment, which will counteract yellowing as needed.

Product Recommendations for Colour-Treated Hair:

Anytime hair is coloured, we recommend adding EVERLASTING.COLOUR regimen to your routine. Consisting of: EVERLASTING.COLOUR TREATMENT, WASH, RINSE and LEAVE-IN, this range contains bond-building, pH balancing technology and colour protection to elongate your results and rebuild strength.

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