A style once reserved for surfers, beach-inspired hair has become a staple of modern fashion. Paired with gowns or jeans, minimal makeup or full glam — the ability to create the perfect wave remains one of the best ways to enhance any look, day or night, summer, winter or spring. As one of the first to turn the just-off-the-beach look into a polished look, Kevin Murphy proves that all it takes are the right products and a few key styling tips.

Beach-Inspired Styling Tips

A little gritty, part grungy, and 100% attainable — beach-inspired hair is about capturing the essence of what we love most about the sand and sea and inviting that into your hairstyle.

COLOR: Don’t Stray Too Far From Your Natural Tone

Similar to lived-in hair colour, beach-inspired colour focuses on adding highs and lows in a natural approach. Ultimately, you want a colour that looks as though you spent a summer under the sun. To recreate the vibe, highlights (either foils or balayage) should be used to pre-lighten the hair. Then followed with a GLOSS to enhance the tone for a truly sun-kissed finish. Think warm golden tones or shimmering shine a few shades lighter than your natural tone.

CARE: Build Habits That Will Redefine Your Style

Whether you’re adding colour or creating a beach-inspired look through styling, improving the integrity of your strands will enhance any finish. That’s because hair that is healthy will be more manageable and reflect your texture patterns with ease. The best way to enhance your care routine is by finding products that are tailored to your hair type.

Colour-treated hair performs best with products designed to lock in colour and protect your bonds. With pH balancing technology and bond-building properties, EVERLASTING.COLOUR TREATMENT, WASH, RINSE, and LEAVE-IN are the best place to start.

To refine natural texture, swap your go-to care products for KILLER.CURLS WASH + RINSE. This duo sets the stage for healthy, hydrated, shiny results.

If you’re still unsure about which product is best for you, check out the Product Matchmaker here.

STYLE: Learn How To Work With Your Natural Texture

While many find beach waves synonymous with a beach-inspired style — curls, coils or bends can also be beachy. Working with your natural texture is one of the best ways to create an individualised look because of the randomised pattern of your hair’s texture. From adding more definition to loosening or fluffing out your curls, first start with air-dried hair and then work products and tools in from there. To achieve a refined air-dry, pair KILLER.TWIRLS with your natural texture to define, protect against humidity, hydrate and add shine.

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