Originally growing up in theatre and developing her skills as a visual artist, KEVIN.MURPHY Colour Educator Lauren Reyes, also known as @hair_church, always knew she had an artistic flair. After struggling in college to find a path that allowed her to remain creative while making a living, it was a single salon experience that opened her eyes to the world of hair. Similar to the tactical feel of painting she loved, becoming a colourist afforded her the ability to take her passion and make it practical. It has been 14 years since she started and for the past 4 years, she has had her own studio – The Lauren Reyes Salon – in Atlanta, Georgia. Working with texture and colour each day and building trust and relationships with her clients allows her to explore new colours and create adventurous styles.

Recently, Lauren won a KEY Colour Competition for her #kmultimatesmooth creation that consisted of the most gorgeous beachy blonde bob. Keep reading to learn more about the style she created and get to know the artist behind it!



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First Lauren applied a full head of highlights using ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER with CREAM.ACTIVATOR 20 VOL. (6%). Using diagonal sections to the back and sides moving up around her face, she created a bold pop of colour. Then she applied NATURAL + CRYSTAL TONER to achieve this bright, buttery tone.⠀

Get the style

For a smooth finish, Lauren used EVER.SMOOTH heat activated smoothing spray. For volume, she applied ANTI.GRAVITY lotion. Then, to finish off the look, Lauren curled the head using a 1 1/4 inch barrel and BEDROOM.HAIR for the ultimate piecey look.


Q. Tell us more about you as a COLOR.ME Educator, what do you love most about the brand?

A. Apart from the amazing the products, the thing I love most about the KEVIN.MURPHY brand is the culture. There is so much love that goes into the Choices We Make, the work we create, the stylists we teach and the relationships we build within the education team. It is this love that makes me so proud to be a KEVIN.MURPHY Educator.

Q. What’s your favourite COLOR.ME formula of the moment?

A. 40 G 7.43 + 15 G 7.1 + 82.5 ML 10 VOL. (3%)

However, I could have a different answer to this question every day. Whether creating my own or falling in love with formulas from other COLOR.ME colourists, the options are really endless with this line and the formulas you can create. Currently, I am appreciating the fall colours and testing out new tones. My friend, and fellow KEVIN.MURPHY KEY Beth Noel inspired me to add ASH tones to COPPER, which creates the most beautiful naturally muted red shade. I have been obsessed with this pairing and highly suggest others to try it out.

Q. How did you first fall in love with KEVIN.MURPHY & COLOR.ME?

A. I first fell in love with KEVIN.MURPHY when they saved my own over-processed hair. COLOR.ME was an easy choice for my salon because it’s a compact line, but I have so many options to achieve endless looks, plus it’s predictable and performs consistently every time. I have grown so much as an artist because the COLOR.ME range gives me so much room to be curious and brave in my formulations.

Q. What did you love most about the results from ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER/TONER in creating this colour?

A. I love how the creamy texture of ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER allows for a precise application. Additionally, it is thick enough to produce an even lift from new growth to ends and it has the strength to break through unwanted warmth without compromising the texture of the hair. The lift was important in this case because I didn’t want to have to cool the colour down post-lightening and risk deepening the level, the even results from ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER allowed me to really make the ends pop!

Q. How did EVER.SMOOTH help you achieve the perfect finish?

A. Living in the humid south, I rely on EVER.SMOOTH a great deal. The client in this look has thick hair that is easily prone to frizz and EVER.SMOOTH polished her cuticle beautifully and quickly — giving me the perfect finish to create a classic beach wave.

Q. Any guilty pleasures?

A. My guiltiest pleasure right now is definitely my obsession with the Bachelorette. It’s a train wreck and I love it.

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