More About The KEVIN.MURPHY/HairToStay Collaboration

In addition to donating $10,000 to the HairToStay organisation, KEVIN.MURPHY will be donating $1 dollar for every bottle of limited-edition BODY.MASS purchased. This limited-edition bottle will be available in September and October 2023 in the salon and on*

Of the collaboration, Lisa Marx, President of Kevin Murphy North America says “We are absolutely thrilled to join forces with HairToStay in launching this limited-edition bottle of BODY.MASS. This collaboration represents our shared values of not only offering exceptional hair care but also supporting those who face hair loss during their cancer journey. We believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident, even when undergoing challenging medical treatments.”

About HairToStay

HairToStay is a nonprofit organisation that aims to help cancer patients afford scalp cooling technology — a service that can reduce hair loss experienced during and after chemotherapy. To date, HairToStay has supported over 4800 patients as they continue their mission to offer accessible care by subsidising scalp cooling treatment for patients. 

HairToStay is making a big impact for patients with cancer. Currently, 98% of HairToStay’s recipients are women with breast cancer, many of whom are working mothers with small children. After treatment, 85-90% of them report a positive impact on their well-being, privacy, sense of control, and everyday interactions.

How Scalp Cooling Technology Works

When undergoing chemotherapy, hair loss is a common side effect, which can be devastating. However, with a new FDA-cleared treatment, scalp cooling can help lessen the impact that chemotherapy has on your hair with up to a 50% decrease in hair loss for cancer patients. During the treatment, patients wear a cold cap to reduce the temperature of the scalp by 30 degrees, by doing so it constricts blood vessels in the area to reduce the amount of chemotherapy that enters the follicle and slows down the metabolic rate of cells, making it less vulnerable to chemo.

How To Get Involved

Hear more about HairToStay here and join the HairToStay Haircare Industry Challenge and learn more about donating here.

*North America Only.