Trends come and go on an unprecedented level — with most looks gone before they ever really started. But some movements really stay with you. Evolving over time, and only getting better with innovation. One such is the emphasis placed on healthy hair. This shift has shown us that style is less about achieving an unattainable colour or keeping up with a high-maintenance haircut and more about focusing on habits that put the health of the hair first. This is exactly why bond-building treatments have found their way out of the salon and into homes everywhere.

What are bond-building treatments?

Up until recently, bonding treatments were usually saved for salons — to reverse damage from bleaching, excessive heat styling and environmental damage. As we learn more about taking care of our hair between salon appointments, the EVERLASTING.COLOUR at-home bond building treatment is a must. Different from a nourishing mask or leave-in conditioner, bonding-treatments don’t necessarily create instantly smooth, silky hair — they work by adding protein to the hair to build strength from the inside out while restoring shine and brilliance to boost colour and protect against colour fade. 

Do I need a bond-builder?

If you’re dealing with any type of hair damage or breakage, chances are, yes, you need a bond builder. When the hair is lightened with bleach, changed with hair dye, exposed to UVA/UVB rays or repetitive heat, the inner structure of the hair is weakened. This is what leads to breakage, loss of shine and colour. 

Can’t I just use a hair masque?

If you have damaged hair, you should absolutely incorporate a hair masque into your routine to add nourishment, moisture and conditioning. However, while hair masques will create silky, smooth and nourished strands, they won’t necessarily improve the structure of the hair — this is where bond-building treatments come in. With hair damage, taking a two-fold approach to repair and rejuvenate the hair is essential.

The entire EVERLASTING.COLOUR range was created to protect hair colour and enhance the appearance of your style with pH sealing technology. The addition of the EVERLASTING.COLOUR TREATMENT to your routine is an easy add-on that also builds strength. For best results, use the entire line from start to finish.

The range consists of:

The steps:

By regularly incorporating bond-building treatments and stylers into your routine, you’ll notice stronger, healthier, shinier hair that only gets better with time. For more information, learn more about the range here!

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