When it comes to creating the perfect blow-dry, there is no one size fits all approach. Cut, colour, hair type, density and texture all play unique roles in shaping the individualised outcome. The only rule that overarches any finished look is an emphasis on healthy hair — this is where BLOW.DRY by KEVIN.MURPHY steps in. 

Lifted, bouncy, thick, or smooth — there are a range of style options to choose from when creating the perfect blow-dry and KEVIN.MURPHY has a dedicated BLOW.DRY line to get you there. Even better, enhancing the range with new BLOW.DRY WASH and RINSE, when used together with the EVER’s, this system creates 87% less breakage*, frizz control and 24-hour humidity protection. 


BLOW.DRY by KEVIN.MURPHY was designed to “give you the hair that you want regardless of the hair you have,” says Kevin Murphy. To manipulate a style — new or iconic — heat is usually involved. This can be in the form of blow-drying, diffusing, hot tongs, or straighteners. As we enter a new era of style and a return to glamour, we have come to rely on hairstyling tools again, with 65% of adults using at least one hairstyling device, and 51% specifically using a hair dryer.* With this added element, finding ways to reduce damage is essential.


This line was created by looking at the latest advances in skincare with the goal of achieving stronger hair that is protected against breakage and heat damage. The end result is a range from start to finish that gives you a flawless, long-lasting blow-dry while also looking after the integrity of your hair.

What’s Inside

Among other powerhouse ingredients like Vegan derived Creatine, Hydrolysed Pea Protein and Rice Proteins, BLOW.DRY includes our Wood Bark Complex made up of Blue Cypress, White Cypress and Lemon Aspen. 

While these ingredients work together to strengthen and protect the hair against damage, Blue Cypress is truly significant because it echoes KEVIN.MURPHY’s origin story. Sustainably farmed or harvested to empower the growers and Aboriginal communities that produce it, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every extract are donated to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital to protect the wildlife that roam the farms.  

What’s Not Inside

Ideal for the ingredient-conscious client, new KEVIN.MURPHY BLOW.DRY WASH and RINSE are both vegan and gluten-free. 

Why You’ll Love It

Whether used in the salon or at home, BLOW.DRY speeds up your styling while also extending the longevity of your look. A system created to improve the health of your hair by cutting down on damage and breakage, you’re left with simply stunning results. 

“I wanted a system built for lasting looks and benefits. BLOW.DRY extends any style, making your hair look healthy and transformed for longer,” says Kevin Murphy. 

What Makes BLOW.DRY Stand Out?

KEVIN.MURPHY has always been dedicated to creating skincare for the hair. Due to this, many of our products have reparative qualities to them. The main difference is that BLOW.DRY protects hair from new stressors while repairing and nourishing the hair. Other ranges like REPAIR-ME or SMOOTH.AGAIN reconstruct and repair existing issues. No matter your hair texture, type or hair colour BLOW.DRY is essential for anyone who heat styles their hair.

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