There’s something so appealing about a slept on style. Waves that aren’t perfectly uniform, curls that take on a life of their own and a second-day blowout falling exactly how you want it to. While we all love a fresh look, sometimes adding a touch of grit gives a style exactly what it needs. The thing is, you don’t always have the time to wait for day two to roll around but with a few styling tricks and the ideal product pick, you can easily create a messy-chic, napped on style that’s ready for day or night.

The Product of Choice: BEDROOM.HAIR

The secret to creating the ultimate bedroom hair, this flexible texturising hairspray adds an airiness to your style with a soft touchable feel. Formulated with Ginger Root Extract to increase elasticity and strength, it also protects against environmental stressors while keeping your style in place.

From tousled waves to fluffy curls, BEDROOM.HAIR creates a refined look with an effortless finish for days (or nights) when you want to look like you didn’t spend all day styling… even if you did.

Get The Look:

The key to getting a sexy-messy finish? Making it look like you didn’t try too hard! Which is a lot tougher than it sounds. Once you’ve gotten used to making perfect waves or undulating curls, finding a happy medium that looks done, but not done up is quite the challenge. However, the good news is that the look can be created on any hair type and style with BEDROOM.HAIR and a few tweaks to your normal routine.

Whether working with your natural texture or a soft blowout, to get the undone “goldilocks” of finishes, consider adding a positive and negative iron set, alternating wave patterns or simply adding a slight bend to your blowout.

Styling Tips:

  • If curling, always leave the ends out and stretch the curl out in randomised places. After each section, tug on the curl to create an elongated, unplanned feel.
  • When waving, consider using various tong sizes, switching directions and utilising alternating wave patterns. The more irregular, the better. If your hair holds a style well, comb through the section with your fingers before it cools to add to the undone look.
  • Working from a smooth blow-dry, as you style the face frame, tuck hair behind the ears for a natural bend around the face. Then use a large tong to wrap decent sized sections around it. The aim will be to create a slight bend that is neither wave or curl.
  • On natural texture, you may need to touch up areas that need defining with a flat iron or tong. Once this is done, finger tease around the new growth area and pull waves and curls apart to add volume and create an ethereal finish.
  • Once your style of choice is dried completely and cool, add BEDROOM.HAIR from new growth to the ends and tousle with your hands. It will give lift, hold and shine right where you want it.