To all colour
To all colour



Alkaline to acid pH transformer designed to instantly transform oxidative colour into a gentle acid colouration. Creates new colour opportunities while delivering longer lasting brilliance and shine.


  • Instantly transforms oxidative colour into a gentle acid colouration
  • Gently refines, refreshes and enhances
  • Delivers long lasting brilliance and shine
  • Easy application
  • Creates new colour opportunities increasing service sales in salon
  • Eliminates need for multiple colour ranges

How to Apply

Depending on starting hair depth, texture and porosity and desired end result, add 5 or 10% pH.D to colour formulation using a 1:2 mixing ratio of COLOR.ME to LIQUID.ACTIVATOR 10 VOL. (3%).


Lemongrass, Sweet Orange & Grapefruit

Rich in flavonoids, these essential oils help the cuticle to lay flat, reflecting light and imparting brilliant shine.

Ascorbyl Palmitate

Vitamin C to support pH levels and colour retention.

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