The Team
Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy

Recognized as one of the world's most respected and sought-after session hairstylists, Kevin has been at the forefront of fashion, runway, editorial and film for decades within Australia and internationally. His work has graced the covers of all the major global print publications, and he has directed hair teams for countless high profile fashion houses across the globe. KEVIN.MURPHY the brand was born from this industry directly as a simple truth; it was the lack of products that performed as needed on shoots and runways that forced Kevin to go beyond conventional hair products and look to advancements being made in skincare.

Kevin has long been established as one of the most sought-after stylists. As a regular contributor to Australian Vogue, he carved his niche within the industry as the creator of the iconic ‘Beach Hair’ look, a look that they thought would last one summer, but instead launched a movement that still lasts. With an international profile that has seen him work with leading fashion photographers including Patrick Demarchelier, Robert Erdman and Richard Bailey, he has created styles for international print and digital editions of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Instyle, Rush, & GQ, among others. Kevin has also worked with cinematic luminaries such as Baz Luhrmann on the legendary Moulin Rouge, and his celebrity client list has included Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts, Selma Blair, Kylie Minogue, Enrique Iglesias, Vanessa Hudgens, Heidi Klum, Rose Byrne, Miranda Kerr, Catherine McNeil, Jessica Hart, Abby Lee and too many more to mention. Kevin remains at the forefront of an industry that he is deeply engaged with and passionate about. Education is at the heart of everything Kevin commits to and his contribution to KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education knows no bounds. With a special focus on KEY Educators who he cites as our most cherished ambassadors, Kevin is passionate about giving the tools needed to represent the brand, drive professional success in the salon, for individual stylists and their clients. From leading the trends with new, innovative hair designs and textures, through to groundbreaking products that are kind to the environment, as well as being kind to the hair, Kevin Murphy is recognised amongst his peers as a visionary in the creation of modern, hairdressing products and tools.

Nathan Gorman HEAD.MASTER

With a career that’s spanned several continents, plus a long list of runway accolades and global campaigns, Nathan has worked with an impressive array of international clients both on set, and on the runway. Directing runways and shoots has given Nathan a unique perspective across all facets of the industry. A key member of the campaign team and instrumental in the development of the SESSION.SALON program. Nathan is passionate about the similarities between the runway and editorial worlds and the salon, striving to bring this knowledge to stylists to enhance their business, understand their clients better and drive success.

Highly skilled in developing learning interventions, both in-person and digital, and a strong presenter across multiple mediums with a focus on accurate communication to implement change. Nathan is comfortable on a large or small stage and a passion for KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education. His commitment to providing the very highest quality in creative education and product understanding has taken him to the role he now holds. Citing that our KEYS are the future of education, Nathan actively strives to keep them up to date on all KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME initiatives and products through his involvement in creating the LAUNCH.ME packages by collaborating with the KEVIN.MURPHY creative, marketing, sales and education teams to deliver inspiration and insight into all aspects of education; both consumer and professional. “As a result of my time on set I would say that SESSION.SPRAY is my hero product. It layers beautifully allowing you to brush the hair and create flawless classic KEVIN.MURPHY texture.”


A true and passionate leader in the field of colour, Kate has hosted shows and education events across the globe presenting shows and workshops from small to large audiences, and everything in between. Driven by a quest to impart knowledge and skills with unique style and flare, Kate brings a wealth of industry experience to her role of Design.Director for COLOR.ME creating learning experiences in both in-person and digital formats. Kate is instrumental to the creation of both creative and technical programs and was recently named the winner of “Excellence in Education” at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards. Kate has been both a finalist and a winner in recent years, proving her commitment and consistency in delivering quality programs for KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education.

With the creative runs on the board, Kate has been a crucial member of the KEVIN.MURPHY campaign team, creating fashion colours that have relevance and help salons and stylists navigate changing techniques, trends, and technologies. Highly published, often quoted, Kate has contributed text and images to leading print and digital channels and holds an impressive portfolio of work. Kate is personally and professionally inspired by the ability to be involved in the ideation of COLOR.ME products from the very beginning, right through to being used creatively in the salon and being used on clients. Working closely with marketing, digital and sales, Kate holds a mindset that spans from stylist to consumer and a passion for creating digital assets to educate, inspire or invoke change. Kate is clearly a leader in the field of education. “My favourite product in COLOR.ME is CREAM.LIGHTENER. Its special ingredients give consistency of performance and application. It sticks to your foils, spreads easily and is a fast solution resulting in quick even lightening.“
Pascal van Loenhout


With a mantra of “perfection kills” and an eye for detail, Pascal Van Loenhout brings much to the table in his role as Design.Director for Cutting at KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education. Pascal has an ability to break down the key elements of a haircut and convey them clearly and concisely regardless of the medium. Creating cuts, textures and shapes that demonstrate taste and refinement, yet move the needle on fashion. A published artist with numerous coffee table books to his name, Pascal is a leader of not just KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education, but also of his field globally.

 Inspired by travel and the ability to express his love of cutting hair, Pascal enjoys the social interactions with learners and is inspired by travelling, street culture, heavy metal, hardcore and punk. A favourite pastime is creating mood boards and exploring the future of hair cutting fashion while keeping in mind that it’s the execution of classic techniques applied in a new way that encourages excellence. The sectioning patterns that Pascal creates break haircuts down to the bare bones, so the sectioning does the work for you. With a slew of awards and accolades Pascal is on one hand all punk, but on the other humble, creative and approachable. Inspired by developing education programs and interventions across multiple media, Pascal is comfortable one-on-one right through to arena shows and everything in between. The son of a hairdresser, Pascal has been engaged in the industry across three decades developing his own creative voice and along with that the voice that KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education holds. “I love LEAVE-IN.REPAIR because it’s hydrating for the hair but it is still very light weight. It helps me to control the texture of the hair while cutting. And when overused on purpose it gives you that lived-in editorial feel that I am after.”


In his role of Design.Director for Styling Wade brings a calmness and refinement to KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education. Growing up in a small country town, Wade is now directing shows for M/FW and Vogue Taiwan Fashion Night Out, so he is equally comfortable backstage and out on the mainstage in front of an audience.

A winner of the Australian Hair Fashion Awards “Avant Guard” category Wade brings a simplicity and refinement to hair and hair styling. A key part of the KEVIN.MURPHY campaign team, Wade creates looks and textures that attract stylists and their clients alike. Published in multiple print and digital journals he has created countless editorial images and has an enviable digital presence as the person behind the Mirrorbox Project. Mentoring KEY Educators is a main focus and Wade is also inspired by developing learning journeys that can be accessed in-person and digitally. Excited by the future of learning and new initiatives, SESSION.SALON by KEVIN.MURPHY is a particular love for Wade. By being a key contributor to education development, Wade makes sure that the client and communication is kept to the forefront, noting that if we can’t find something- we create it. “I’ll have to go with SESSION.SPRAY simply because you can do so much with it. If I could have only one product in my kit, I know SESSION.SPRAY would get the job done every time.”
James Nicholson


In his role as ARTISTIC DESIGN.DIRECTOR James specialises in strong and dramatic shapes and natural forming textures. The work he creates in conjunction with the team on campaign is designed to reflect the KEVIN.MURPHY aesthetic and philosophy. A unique skill set sees James’ work on initiatives with departments from marketing to creative and James cites that he offers mindful hairdressing with open communication and expert skills.

Active on global runways and a true citizen of the world, James’ work has been seen on-stage and in-print and digital media countless times. With editorial work a major focus helping to cement the fashion sensibilities of the KEVIN.MURPHY brand, James has contributed consistently to KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education, developing looks for shows, shoots and collections and bringing inspiration and new ideas, while communicating them clearly and with purpose. Passionate about the design development process James is centre to the Walking In series, from London to Antwerp and Paris, bringing a street cred and consumer mindset to social and digital initiatives, while helping salons and stylists navigate the ever-changing cycle of fashion for their clients. A champion of diversity and acceptance, James brings society to the front as it is with an open mindset of relevance and honesty. “As a consumer, I can’t live without ANGEL.MASQUE. I use it in my care, prep and finish regimens. As a stylist, I can’t go past HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY- in my mind there are sooooo many  achievable results with this product.”
Paz Bamrolia


Instrumental in growing the SESSION.SALON program in the UK, Paz has had a journey from KEY to STYLE.MASTER and beyond. Now in a role as Education and Business Development Manager, Paz is shifting focus to support the growth of the brand internally and within the EMEA network.

Paz has on boarded many new markets during her tenure and is focused on building the KEVIN.MURPHY and COLOR.ME brand in collaboration with our distributors team members. Paz is still delivering on aspects of her STYLE.MASTER role, while managing the SESSION.SALON program and opening new markets. All of this does not mean that Paz has let her fashion cred slip. Paz can be found backstage at Fashion Weeks and still is engaged in the field creatively bringing knowledge and first-hand experience to the SESSION.SALON program and the market. Contributing to the development of SESSION.SALON CONNECT, sees Paz move into a new digital sphere, capable of delivering information in-person or across new media and inspired by implementing change and growth for individuals, teams, salons, and stylists proves the versatility of her skillset. With all of this in mind, it is important to note that Paz enjoys the variety of her role and the people it connects her with. “I couldn’t possibly choose just one KEVIN.MURPHY product, I love them all! What I will say though is that I love all of COLOR.ME. The line has made me fall in love with colouring hair all over again.”
Mark Clayton


An industry veteran that belies his years, Mark commenced his formidable career in education in London becoming an Art Director by 23. Mark has travelled the globe educating and inspiring from classroom to stage. Now at KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education, Mark appreciates the trust that comes from the team and is particularly committed to his position as mentor to a fantastic group of KEYS, Mark believes that to be mentored; one must mentor in turn.

Mark has been instrumental in the development of education initiatives and has a passion and focus for cutting hair and creating cuts and styles that fit the KEVIN.MURPHY aesthetic. Comfortable on set or creating looks for runway shows, Mark has a solid mix of dedication, passion, and a strong desire to move every stylist forward. Mark's approach to delivering in-person and digital learning journeys that is tailored to the audience. A firm believer in creating a safe space for learning, Mark allows people to be creative while developing connections between the KEVIN.MURPHY brand, the salon, clients and being at the forefront of fashion. “I love BEDROOM.HAIR. It locks in the moisture and creates a wet look with a dry touch and feel that inspires me. Use on dry hair, dry it into the hair or just spray and leave to dry. A truly adaptable product across multiple textures and for a variety of uses”
Jodana Geary


With a passion for developing new educators in the industry Jodana works with many different artists. Holding a mindset of collaboration, connection, and problem-solving leads to opportunities to mentor stylists, salon owners, educators and industry leaders. Being part of developing training programs has allowed Jodana to adapt to fast moving needs in her region and make a difference in the industry.

Continually inspired by the creative aspects of colouring hair, Jodana was instrumental in the creation of ART LAB, a class that focuses on colourists taking their inspiration and applying it in salon, by creating custom and tailor-made formulas. No stranger to the set or runway, Jodana is able to convey relevant information in a clear and concise way through digital or in person education. Being an Australian at heary with a global mindset and experience, Jodana brings knowledge and learning to her current role as Education Manager for North America, with KEYS at the forefront of KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education while noting that whatever part of the world we live in, we all have similar aspirations, challenges, and goals. “My longtime favourite product is FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER! In the salon I love working with client’s natural hair, enhancing their depth and reflect with natural looking highlights. It’s for that reason that I love this product so much! I can visually place the lightener where I want to see it and enhance my client’s haircut, contour their face, and create dimension that is low maintenance without ever having to pick up a foil!”


With an edgy and inspired aesthetic, Lauren is a KEVIN.MURPHY STYLE.MASTER with a reputation for producing beautiful editorial and salon work. Through her collaborations with designers, photographers, musicians and filmmakers, Lauren creates fashion-forward looks for the very best editorial and advertising campaigns, alongside runway collection shows. For some time now she has been the driving force behind many of the looks at New Zealand Fashion Week, and is a regular backstage in New York, where she fulfills her passion for creating beautiful hair working alongside some of the world's most talented teams.

Starting her career as a colour technician, she grew into a creative directors’ role building relationships across the fashion community, which has given her the opportunity to not only build her own career, but to also mentor emerging stylists into the session world. Passionate about her role with KEVIN.MURPHY+COLOR.ME Education, Lauren hosts classes, workshops and digital events that consistently engage. Confident on stage, Lauren is a consummate presenter who imparts knowledge, taste, and style wherever she goes. “The scalp, hidden away under our hair, it's not something we spend a lot of time looking at or thinking about. Yet scalp issues, whether it's an itch, dandruff or hair loss are a lot more common than you may realise. For this reason, I am obsessed with the SCALP.SPA regimen”


Internationally renowned hair stylist and SESSION.MASTER, Marianne has become one of the most influential stylists globally in the beauty and fashion industry. A native of Denmark with many years of expertise, her passion for hairstyling has made her one of the most talented and respected artists, where she has received numerous awards and recognition. Marianne is one of the most accomplished and respected hairstylists from the Danish and International Fashion Industry and of course an integral part of the KEVIN.MURPHY family.

Marianne is known for her passion and creative approach to the craftsmanship, and she knows how to master the high technical professionalism with the trends. A well-known name from the Danish and international fashion magazines and digital media. You’ll find her backstage during Copenhagen Fashion Week and at a number of the Danish fashion industry campaign shoots. Alongside, Marianne has maintained working with some of the best names in the business, to countless to name. The longevity of Marianne’s career provides a great knowledge for hair, and she finds no restrictions, when it comes to creativity. She has been a key member of the KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education team and is comfortable on the big stage and also in more intimate classroom settings. Instrumental in creating the BRAID.ME program, Marianne continues to teach this along with her beloved SESSION.SALON Program. “My favourite product from the whole line is ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY – if I had to pick one that’s it! I spray it from roots to ends and brush it out. I just love it on set too.”
Caroline Kells


A true KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education story. Caroline credits one of her career highlights as achieving the coveted GOLD.KEY and notes that it is being part of a brand that has the best values, products and education in the world that inspires her. Caroline is an important contributor that mobilises to create these values and is lauded by her peers. Humble by nature but strong, committed, and talented, Caroline brings insight, collaboration and talent knowing that true humility breeds confidence; the kind that doesn’t need to boast.

Being a key team member and leader at many fashion weeks and shows from Copenhagen to New York gives Caroline the fashion edge, inspired by looking at the finer details and seeing different shapes, textures and colours that look modern and interesting. Comfortable on or backstage and with presenting to audiences that range from few to many, Caroline is proficient with both in-person and digital learning environments. Seeing SESSION.SALON as a crucial part of her journey, Caroline is committed to improving communication between stylists and their clients and problem solving to adapt and push further to think above and beyond. “STAYING.ALIVE is one of all my time favourites as you utilise it across cutting, colour and style. It will relieve tension, add strength, and create shine by closing down the cuticle. Sometimes it’s just a little spritz of STAYING.ALIVE that replenishes and gets you back on track to beautiful healthy hair.”
Sarah Lund


A mainstay of the KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education team, Sarah’s rise from KEY to STYLE.MASTER is a very KEVIN.MURPHY story of passion, tenacity, and skill. Inspired by the editorial aesthetic of KEVIN.MURPHY, Sarah is fashion focused and a regular contributor to print and digital journals and publications. Sarah is comfortable on stage, in front of a camera, leading a runway and is focused on strengthening our fashion pillar.

Now in her role as SESSION.SALON Manager NA, Sarah ties together her skillset and passion about communication and the development of salons and stylists. Sarah manages the program that is centered around the truth that learnings gained in the editorial and runway world can help stylists achieve their goals and enhance everyday life with communication at the core of the learning journey. Instrumental in the creation of the SESSION.SALON CONNECT program, Sarah has contributed to take learning into the digital world where the concept of a personal brand and the communication of that change’s stylists’ lives. With connection to the editorial world and a love of sharing, imparting, and finding a way to put things together to help hairdressers, Sarah takes all that is learned from working with talented and inspired hairdressers from around the globe noting that having peers who have your back and force you to continually level up, is a gift. “DOO.OVER is my absolute favourite product, especially on set. The versatility and the ability to take down and manipulate the product is what makes it work so well for me.”
Juha-MattI Manninen

Juha-Matti Manninen STYLE.MASTER EMEA

A passionate, driven, and unique individual, Juha-Matti has been an important member of the KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education team for many years. Bringing his warm outlook and love for sharing knowledge and knowhow. A crucial part of Juha-Matti’s life is the role of KEY development in EMEA. With established strengths that lie in accurate communication and holding the mindset of a true mentor, Juha-Matti is dedicated to helping our education team also become better communicators and share information that helps salons and stylists.

Creatively Juha-Matti has worked in both film and television most recently heading up hair for the Netflix show My Unorthodox life. Active in the global fashion industry both leading shows and developing looks with designers gives Juha-Matti the edge when it comes to fashion. With many published images of his work in magazines and journals, print and digital form some other memorable career highlights for Juha-Matti. His contributions to our education collections and creating looks for collections, fashion weeks brings refinement, style, and a strong technical ability to the team. The “king” of the KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education set sees Juha-Matti consistently acknowledged by his peers for his styling, cutting is also a defined strength. A not-so-secret fascination with formulations, ingredients and science has made it natural for Juha-Matti to contribute to KEVIN.MURPHY R&D where he now spends part of his time. “I just love ANTI.GRAVITY and ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY.  One of the first products that I ever fell in love with and still continue to use on almost every person that I work with. Now of the more recent products I really love is EVER.BOUNCE for the versatility of the product and the results that it brings.” 
Massimo Morello


Massimo brings style and flair to the KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education team. First becoming engaged with the KEVIN.MURPHY brand while living in Australia, Massimo has carved out a unique path for himself in EMEA. With an impressive array of runways from Barcelona to Taipei and being Hair Director of the Elite Model Look numerous times gives this SESSION.MASTER title serious fashion experience and cred.

Proud to be part of the creative team that creates looks for seasonal collections, Massimo is always looking for the next thing in hair styling. With a collaborative mindset and a strong drive to improve the technical skills of stylists, Massimo can present from the largest to the smallest stage. Confident and happy out in front or BEHIND.THE.SCENES, Massimo brings his directing and production skills to the forefront. Massimo is a true leader and knows how to impart knowledge in a clear and concise way regardless of the media. He holds impressive team building and development skills and knows that to be a good mentor you must walk in your mentor's shoes. Massimo puts truth to our KEVIN.MURPHY statement: tested on models not animals. “ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY is my all-time favourite because it gives me volume, texture while at the same time keeps the hair and scalp fresh all day long. As I mostly work with models it is very important for me to have clean and pliable hair to change looks during the day.”
Leland Olson


With a dynamic back catalogue of work, Leland has worked across the globe on an impressive list of celebrity clientele. Involved in shows and fashion weeks globally, Leland is committed to working on assets to further strengthen our KEVIN.MURPHY fashion pillar. Being published in digital and print journals and magazines proves that he has the credibility and style to bring all of this to KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education.

Becoming a finalist in the master Hairstylist of the Year is a highlight, however it was being named as the first COLOR/STYLE.MASTER for North America that Leland cites as a great achievement. This allows Leland to tailor information for the audience across multiple platforms. Mentorship is KEY to Leland and something that he not only cherishes but is also very passionate about. Being able to connect with stylists in the salon and having an impact on their career by growing technical skills and knowledge is a driving force in Lelands motivation. Inspired by being part of a brand that is leading the way in education and connection, while being part of the team that is creating content across all domains, gives Leland a voice in what the market needs. “My favourite COLOR.ME product hands down is CREAM.LIGHTENER AMMONIA FREE. I’m OBSESSED with it because I do a lot of pastels, blondes, and vivid colours. I need the reliability of a LIGHTENER that won’t compromise the hair, and leaves the hair plumped with moisture and strength. The ingredients provide exceptional moisturising and restorative properties. The hair is always so smooth, soft, and glossy. “
Iggy Popovic


Iggy brings a wealth of knowledge of design, fashion and music to his KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education role. With a mindset that is both technical and creative, he has carved out a unique niche in the EMEA market. Iggy spends time as a COLOR.MASTER and is also part of the R&D department helping to test new products and initiatives.

Excited by the exchange of skills and knowledge that comes with educating, Iggy can convey information clearly and concisely across multiple platforms. No stranger to the stage, Iggy has worked on shows and trainings across the world from Taiwan to Zagreb, but it is his contribution to the COLOR.ME class ART.LAB and the delivery of said, that inspires Iggy. Published in print and digital journals and with many nominations and awards, Iggy cites fashion as his biggest inspiration, and he loves to explore new ideas and bring them to fruition. “Aside from my dedication to the whole COLOR.ME line, it is ANTI.GRAVITY for editorial work that is my favourite product.”
Janine Simons


Twice recognised as the New Zealand Educator of the year Janine is a triple threat. A successful salon owner with a large team that embodies a team culture to be in awe of. Janine and her team have obtained many accolades from Salon Marketing to awards for Entrepreneur of New Zealand, along with being named finalist for Colourist of the Year. KEVIN.MURPHY + COLOR.ME Education benefits greatly from Janine’s involvement and her balanced mindset between business acumen and creative capabilities.

Inspired by mentoring and mentoring stylists in all facets of the industry. Janine is passionate about her role at KEVIN.MURPHY noting that it is the mindset of innovation and a high caliber of colleagues who are motivated to make a difference and elevate the industry that has her hooked. Committed to delivering excellent education for both hairdressing and the salon business, Janine leads our APAC region as COLOR.MASTER, but also contributes greatly to all education initiatives. Janine is comfortable on set, educating digitally and in person or on stage creating beautiful, wearable colour work. But it is her commitment to excellence and a balance of business, communication and creative know-how that sets her apart from the rest. Janine’s latest foray has her working on a tool to improve salon’s profitability and enhances client services while making stylists' lives easier. “I am so into our .28 NUDE shades. They are just so perfect on any skin tone, any hair depth. Fabulous as an all over colour and excellent for creating bespoke individual personalised colour results.”


Starting out at a prestigious salon chain in Finland, Henrik quickly rose to become the nationwide educator for the company and its school, and from there built his reputation as an educator working for numerous leading brands. His passion for his art led him to become a highly sought-after international platform artist, and now at KEVIN.MURPHY he has delivered seminars and shows all over Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Confident in both digital and in-person classes, Henrik brings an innate sense of style and purpose to education.

Henrik’s creative aesthetic allowed him to carve his niche in the session and runway world, and he made his TV debut as the resident session stylist for Finnish Next Top Model, alongside this he has worked on countless hair and beauty shows and exhibitions presenting trend looks and techniques. In his role Henrik delivers the complete portfolio of KEVIN.MURPHY+COLOR.ME Education cutting classes as well as academy formats. He has been part of creating the unique COLOR.ME LAB class which is one of his favourites to perform for fellow colourists. “I am inspired by the whole COLOR.ME line. It allows me to create countless shades and tones, once you explore the possibilities your mind is blown.”

KEY Educators
Local to your region our global army of KEY Educators are the backbone of KEVIN.MURPHY EDUCATION. KEYS are dedicated to sharing the KEVIN.MURPHY philosophy and products to other hairdressers, sales teams, and distributor team members. KEYS help you apply creative techniques with refinement, taste, across all aspects of colour, style and cutting. The client and your professional development are at the centre of everything KEYS teach and use a range of technologies to deliver this knowledge. Reach out to your local distributor for more information regarding KEY education offerings.