Healthy, glossy, rich — it’s what everyone is looking for in the latest hair colour trend, which is exactly why we’re predicting brunette as the go-to shade of the season.

Making a big change or small, updating your hair colour can have the ability to breathe new life into your style. Whether you’ve previously been beige blonde or copper red, brunette colour trends are at the top of the list this season for many reasons. From transitioning from one season to the next or looking for a rich shade while you improve the health of your hair, there’s a brunette shade for everyone. 

Brunette is one of the most common hair colours worldwide, yet most of us spend our time trying to hide it. Just as we’ve learned to embrace individual texture, we’re seeing clients everywhere start to welcome their natural hair colour. This isn’t to say they’re entirely abandoning altering their shade, but rather starting with a brunette base and enhancing it from there. 

The Top Brunette Colour Trends of the Season

Bronzed Brunette

If you’re not ready to completely give up your summer shade, add a warm glow to your natural hue with bronzed highlights. 

Expensive Brunette

The perfect transition shade if you want to tone down your highlights while still giving off a glowy appearance. Pair it with grown-out colour or faded highlights. 

Chocolate Ash

For those who want a cool finish, chocolate ash creates a neutral-warm shade that pairs perfectly in any season. 

When enhancing your natural brunette or adding highlights, balayage, or a face frame, COLOR.ME GLOSS is the ideal way to switch up your shade while also creating stronger, thicker, and shinier hair. Not only is a GLOSS low-maintenance, but this service is also an all-in-one colour + repair treatment. Featuring KM.BOND2 to repair bonds, GLOSS nourishes, strengthens, and repairs hair fibres while improving vitality and adding moisture.

As a follow-up to any GLOSS or hair colour service, EVERLASTING.COLOUR WASHRINSE, and LEAVE-IN are must-haves for in-salon and home care. With pH sealing and Colour-locking technology, this system continues to strengthen hair for a healthy finish while extending the life of your colour. 

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