Close-up of a woman demonstrating the results of a texture-enhancing product.
Close-up of a woman demonstrating the results of a texture-enhancing product.
Close-up of a woman demonstrating the results of a texture-enhancing product.

Repair where you need it most, this miracle leave-in revamps texture for a flawless finish any which way you style it.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a tray, a shelf, or a closet full of half-used hair products. What we’ve learned from these dalliances over the years? Products that double, triple, or even quadruple in usability are often the first to take up real-estate on your shelf or in your travel bag. Others may come and go, but the test of a must-have product lies in its versatility.

The product that checks more than a few boxes? KEVIN.MURPHY LEAVE-IN.REPAIR. With a primary purpose to treat and strengthen the hair, this cult-favourite works wonders for texture in the following four ways:


A high protein powerhouse, LEAVE-IN.REPAIR uses Papain – an Enzyme from Papaya and Pineapple – to keep the Green Pea Protein in the formula malleable, cutting down on static and giving hair a truly “conditioned” feel. Great for any hair type as a traditional leave-in treatment, it won’t weigh down natural texture and helps create definition within any style.


On wavy hair, use it on its own as a wash and wear product. The proteins work to give it style-ability and double as a leave-in treatment, the ingredients continue to work for at least 24 hrs to restore and repair.


Wavy and curly hair types tend to need more moisture, which makes LEAVE-IN.REPAIR a must. Preventing moisture loss, it keeps the hair soft and manageable so that once hair is dry, refining curls and waves is a breeze.


Not only does LEAVE-IN.REPAIR protect against heat styling and environmental damage, it also nourishes and repairs the hair exactly where it needs it most. When used on highly textured and coily hair, it works to repair the surface of each strand, which reduces frizz, adds shine and increases elasticity – a must for this hair type, especially if you’re heat styling regularly.

A natural-born problem-solver, LEAVE-IN.REPAIR never creates product buildup and has benefits for all hair types, textures and styles. Formulated to repair split ends and enhance natural body, it also includes Rose Geranium – an essential ingredient to increase scalp health, which makes this a great après SCALP.SPA treat!