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Our range of high-performance, multi-tonal shades allow for endless creativity, and will deliver the most natural-looking colour results every time. COLOR.ME BY KEVIN.MURPHY SHADES have been created to respect the natural colour patterns found in virgin, untreated hair, and imparts luminous, multi-dimensional colour to each and every strand. COLOR.ME BY KEVIN.MURPHY SHADES are mixed with our special LIQUID.ACTIVATORS or CREAM.ACTIVATORS to create custom results, such as tone-on-tone and darker grey coverage, plus they also deliver up to three levels of lift.

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COLOR.ME BY KEVIN.MURPHY is born from KEVIN.MURPHY’s vision of fusing session work, fashion and hair colour. This compact colour line delivers high performance, natural looking results and optimum colour functionality. Formulated without ammonia and with an artful blend of gentle and naturally derived ingredients, this colour range gently moisturises, rejuvenates and imparts incredible shine without having to further compromise the environment. 

Multiple activator choices and +technologies offered within the range take your colour to the next level allowing for creativity, versatility, and next level customisation of colour.

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  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: imparts beautiful multi-tonal effects, provides brilliant grey coverage and delivers up to 4 levels of lift.
  • OPTIMUM COLOUR FUNCTIONALITY: Endless possibilities. Endless creativity. COLOR.ME is so versatile that it can be used as a demi, or permanent colour.

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The COLOR.ME shades feature 3 step technology which consists of oxidation delay function, special micro pigments and the molecular couple guarantee for optimum functionality, ensuring multi-tonal effects, brilliant grey coverage and up to 4 levels of lift.

An artful blend of gentle and natural derived ingredients gently moisturises, rejuvenates and imparts incredible shine while colouring the hair:

  • HONEY a vitamin and mineral rich humectant that helps hair retain moisture and form a protective barrier. 

  • POMEGRANATE antioxidants buffer the effects of free radical damage to the hair and scalp, and the enzymes present in Pomegranate aid in keeping the hair healthier and softer. 

  • SHEA BUTTER helps nourish dry or damaged hair from the roots to the very tips, absorbing quickly and completely to assist in rehydrating hair. 

  • ROSE HIP high concentration of essential fatty acids helps the hair hold moisture and helps reduce dryness. 

  • COCONUT OIL Resistant long chained molecules aid in protecting the scalp during the colouration process. 

  • ALOE VERA helps the hair retain moisture and improves the scalp condition, leaving the hair smooth, shiny and well-conditioned. 

  • PANTHENOL Helps soothe the scalp in addition to moisturising and smoothing the hair shaft.  

Mix COLOR.ME SHADE with ACTIVATOR following this Usage guide.

Application: As soon as you have prepared the mixture, distribute it evenly through dry hair. After processing time, rinse out with plenty of water until it runs clean.