Scalp care is the latest luxury to become a mainstream must-have for its ability to enhance hair quality as well as self-care routines. 

On a holistic level, practising scalp care can soothe the senses and provide a relaxing spa-like experience. When it comes to deeper benefits, the scalp is one of the most important areas to concentrate on because it is monumental to ensuring healthy skin and strands. All too often, we concentrate on the hair and forget that the skin in this area plays a large part in healthy hair growth, styling and everyday comfort. 

Whether you’re dealing with an irritated, overly oily, sensitive scalp or lacklustre strands, instead of solely relying on a salon treatment to tend to this all-important area, SCALP.SPA allows anyone to receive the benefits at home anytime you wish. 

How It Works:

SCALP.SPA is a range dedicated to treating and improving the function of the scalp and strands. Innovated with targeted ingredients designed to upgrade at home wellness solutions, it tends to the health of your scalp to create an environment that fosters growth and fortitude. 

Always interested in borrowing ingredients well-known in skincare to utilise in haircare — the scalp is an extension of our skin that often doesn’t get the T.L.C it deserves, until now. SCALP.SPA includes highly targeted skincare ingredients that work together to create a system that treats from scalp to strand. 

Products To Choose From:

Included in the range are SCALP.SPA TREATMENTSCALP.SPA SERUMSCALP.SPA SCRUB and SCALP.SPA WASH. Each was diligently created to work together and address various concerns based on your needs. 

This foaming masque can be used before washing to relieve sensitive scalps and restore scalp health. Simply part the hair, apply the foam from the applicator directly to the scalp, gently massage in and allow to work for 20 minutes prior to jumping in the shower. 

Hyaluronic acid is the hero ingredient of this treatment, which soothes and hydrates the scalp while Celery Seed Extract targets any signs of itching, reduces impurities and aids in sebum regulation. 

Without weighing the hair down, the result is a restored scalp and the promotion of healthier hair. 

A leave-on treatment that instantly soothes an irritated scalp and is gentle enough to be used everyday. This formula has a calming effect that promotes moisture retention and has the ability to tone the scalp. 

Whether you’ve got a dry or oily scalp, this SERUM helps regulate both with the help of Celery Seed Extract, Witch Hazel Water, and Rose Flower Oil.  

Because of its ability to be used on dry or damp hair it can be used to spot treat certain areas or all over in conjunction with the rest of the range. 

Slough off dead skin, remove impurities and receive a gentle exfoliation that will feel great from start to finish. Apply to wet hair and massage with circular motions for a moment of relaxation that carries endless hair and scalp benefits with it.

Many other scalp scrub formulas use salt or sugar and will disintegrate before they are able to get the job done. SCALP.SPA SCRUB is uniquely formulated with Perlite, which does not disintegrate and is, therefore, able to give much-needed exfoliation before the formula is washed away. 

The perfect follow-up to a great scrub, this wash contains skin-loving ingredients that delicately purify scalp and strands to soothe and balance moisture levels, creating a healthy foundation and a luxurious finish. Apply to wet hair following the use of SCALP.SPA SCRUB and lather gently. Then follow up with your WASHRINSE or MASQUE of choice. 

Also formulated with Celery Seed Extract and Rose Water to soothe, calm and hydrate an irritated scalp. It also contains Micellar Water to gently attract and dissolve impurities that may be present without stripping the skin. 

The Takeaways:

When used together, this system is the definition of “Skincare for your hair.” Each formula has been lovingly created to treat issues with carefully selected ingredients that benefit both scalp and strands. Each SCALP.SPA TREATMENT and SERUM can be used together with the entire range or on their own for targeted relief. 

Whether you’re dealing with seasonal stressors to your scalp and strands or are looking to solve intermittent issues, this will help improve the function of this area, the SCALP Range offers complete care options that can easily be worked into your home care routine. 

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