Creating products with a conscience that are both kind to hair and the environment has been our guiding principle from the very beginning. Our latest partnership with Greenfleet Australia reinforces our commitment. 

Partnering with Greenfleet Australia (@greenfleetaustralia), together KEVIN.MURPHY has already planted 2,700 trees and counting. We aim to offset at least 500 tonnes of CO2 emissions every six months, and since May 2022, we have already offset over 1500 tonnes with Greenfleet.

Our actions today have an immediate echo and lasting impact on generations to come. Drawing attention to our forests and the impact climate change has had on them, our habitats, and the wildlife within them, Greenfleet Australia is committed to protecting the climate with carbon offset solutions. The leading Australian not-for-profit environmental organisation, they have pledged to protect the climate by planting trees to restore our forests since 1997.

The forests Greenfleet plants are designed to be naturally biodiverse to capture carbon emissions and restore wildlife habitats for native and endangered species. The trees are legally protected for 100 years to restore our forests.  

Learn more about Greenfleet Australia and how you can get involved.