Fringe made a huge splash last season and continues to gain popularity. However, the trend isn’t a long term style solution for everyone and growing them out can take months. If you jumped on the bang bandwagon and are now looking for a quick fix to nix the look, read on to hear expert tips on how to grow out your bangs by bridging that “awkward” gap.

The Grow Out Process Depends on your Fringe

You might think avoiding the salon is the best way to muscle through the madness, but the truth is your stylist should come along for your journey. The method for growing your bangs out will vary depending on what shape you are starting with. Blunt or straight fringe is arguably the hardest to grow out, while softer shapes like curtain or wispy fringe will be much easier.

Develop A Plan With Your Stylist

Once you’re set on growing out a fringe, make the conscious decision to visit your stylist every few weeks. They will be able to soften the shape by thinning them slightly and using texturizing techniques so they blend easier into the rest of your length. If transitioning out of blunt bangs, you might even see curtain fringe in your future as an in-between style before your finished look. 

*Pro-tip: adding additional face-framing layers can also be a great trick to help blend the length.

Don’t Ditch Styling Completely

While cutting down on styling can help hair grow faster, the process may feel all the more arduous. Instead, invest in a few hair accessories to pin fringe out of your face, add micro face-framing braids, and give into heat styling a few times a week. The more you enjoy the process, the less likely you will be to cave and simply cut the length off again.

Amp Up Your Care Routine

As you grow out your bangs the main objective should be to keep hair as healthy as possible to cut down on damage and breakage. Loading up on nourishing products daily to help the process and being sure to add heat protectants any time you style is key.


To smooth, strengthen and nourish hair, start your care routine with REPAIR-ME.WASH + RINSE to boost dry, damaged or over-processed strands. From here, apply STAYING.ALIVE treatment each time you wash, this weightless leave-in is ideal for the fringe area because it hydrates and seals the cuticle without weighing down your style.

Each time you style:

Whenever you’re planning on heat styling — from blow drying to diffuse drying or utilising hot tools — add a layer of HEATED.DEFENSE prior to beginning. This leave-in treatment creates a shield against damage with a lightweight, nourishing finish.

Style saviour:

If your fringe just won’t behave (which you’re bound to run into at some point), make sure to have a solid hairspray in your arsenal. Sometimes sweeping your bangs to the side or back into a ponytail is the only look you’ll be able to stand. For this, utilise SESSION.SPRAY for a fast, flexible yet firm all-day hold.

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