Add a Masque to Your Routine

Masques and hair treatments are some of the best ways to improve the appearance of hair colour, add shine to strands and improve the manageability of styling. Utilising these products at home on a weekly basis is a great way to take a little time for yourself while improving the health of your hair. Instead of applying one in the shower, draw yourself a bath, light some candles, and bring a book to help you slow down and enjoy your “me time”.


Enjoy an Afternoon Tea 

f you often feel an afternoon slump, create a daily ritual to perk up your routine. This quick break can be a welcomed reprieve during your day. To make it special, research and shop online to find a tea you truly enjoy and add adaptogens, herbs or spices as you see fit. Swift, silent moments like these with a little elixir are an easy way to practice self-care daily.

Stay Active

Whether you enjoy running, yoga, or meditation, staying active is a great way to relieve stress and honour your body. A few minutes in the morning, evenings or even a little stretch session between tasks can help improve mood and focus. If you’re currently hibernating at home, there are great online resources from studios and fitness instructors available during this time.

Give Yourself a Salon-Worthy Hair Scrub

What’s the first thing your hairdresser does when you get to the salon? They wash your hair! Nobody can resist the feeling of sheer relaxation you experience when you’re getting your hair deep cleaned and receiving a soothing scalp scrub. You don’t always have to go to the salon to be this comfortable! In fact, by investing in a professional scrub like KEVIN.MURPHY’s new SCALP.SPA system allows you to scrub your scalp to the point of total bliss with your very own hands. Scrubs are perfect for gently brushing away any impurities on your scalp, which will leave your hair feeling super nourished! For best results, be sure to use your scrub as a pre-shampoo treatment and massage it into your damp hair from roots to tips!

Write a Note

Connecting with others is a great way to establish self-care between friends. Create a post on social media or send a card for an instant pick-me-up that benefits you both! Alternatively, keeping a journal for yourself is a great way to check-in with your own well-being.

Catch Up on Sleep

With hectic schedules, deadlines, and commitments, we often don’t get enough sleep. Starting a ritual before bed to put down devices and pick up a book can be a great way to wind down and improve your sleep. Even getting to bed a half an hour earlier each night can make a big difference, you’ll notice more energy for yourself and your family.

Get Back to Nature

Often a great source of inspiration, spending time in nature can be a great reset. Whether you can catch a few rays on your balcony, in your garden, or are able to take a morning or evening walk, fresh air is a great way to refresh your routine.

Stay Healthy & Hydrated

While many are stocking up on canned foods and dried goods, aim to keep a well-rounded diet full of mineral and vitamin-rich foods to help improve immunity. Keeping yourself hydrated is also key in supporting a strong immune system and keeping energy levels high. To continue to do your part for the environment, opt for a reusable water bottle like our KEVIN.MURPHY WATER.BOTTLE.

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