Melbourne has become a standout city for the ability to express one’s individuality there. There is no fitting into a box or conforming to a single ideal — instead, the surroundings feel limitless and unrestrained. It’s no wonder that Melbourne Fashion Week has always been and continues to grow into one of Australia’s most significant events. 

Year after year, KEVIN.MURPHY has been at the heart of it, with this year being the 20th year in a row as the official hair partner of Melbourne Fashion Week. As collaborators, the brand has taken on the role of hair director for shows such as Arnsdorf, Moss Tunstall, Urban Garden, and Strateas Carlucci. Giving you an inside look at the season’s most coveted styles, we’re breaking down a few standout looks from the shows. 

Trending Styles from Melbourne Fashion Week 2022

Led by brand founder Kevin Murphy, styling for the shows was diverse, focusing on curl and shine.

Loose & Unstructured Finishes

There’s something to be said about letting the hair speak for itself, and at the Arnsdorf Show, it did just that. An unstructured feel allows the hair to be loose and natural, which played on the “Self-made Tailor” theme of the show. To achieve the look, the hair was prepped with LEAVE-IN.REPAIR to create a moisture-driven look. From here, SHIMMER.SHINE was used to refine each texture before finishing with SESSION.SPRAY for a strong hold.

Distorted Shapes + Braids

Moss Tunstall’s 2022 presentation was all about manipulated denim which paired perfectly with the distorted shapes and braids KEVIN.MURPHY designed. The hair was first prepped with BODY.BUILDER before braiding and twisting into a 90’s inspired club-culture look. SESSION.SPRAY FLEX was the finishing touch that allowed a controlled yet flexible structure.

Slick with High Shine

The Strateus Carlucci Exhibition was a study of magnetic force and new perspectives. Investigating the connection between memories and the feeling of nostalgia for people and places. To encapsulate this force, the collection was paired with sleek and shiny slicked-back hair. The key stylers were HAIR.RESORT for hold and SUPER.GOO for shine before layering with SESSION.SPRAY for a perfect finish. 

Refined Curls & Shine

The Urban Garden runway was meant to be transcendental to a warmer, sunnier, dreamier place. Representing the summer season, which we all look forward to, hair was individualised to each model’s unique finish. With refined texture at each turn, the goal was simple, to show it off with a high shine feel. To capitalise on curl and shine SHIMMER.SHINE was one of the hero products for each look.

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