Most detangling products come on a little too strong – leading to oily finishes and lacklustre locks, which is why Kevin Murphy knew his needed to be different. Noticing a need for a stellar detangler backstage, he found himself constantly tearing through tangles in an effort to turn around styles quickly. UN.TANGLED is his answer to the problem plaguing all hair types – straight, wavy or curly.


UN.TANGLED is a leave-in conditioning spray that instantly untangles even the most unruly hair. More than just a detangler, UN.TANGLED is made up of a blend of highly beneficial Australian Fruit Extracts that also strengthen and restore the hair for improved condition.


As a part of our HYDRATE regimen, if you’re looking for an extra dose of moisture, we suggest cleansing hair with HYDRATE-ME.WASH and HYDRATE-ME.RINSE. After washing, towel-dry hair, shake UN.TANGLED and spritz throughout damp hair, then comb through with ease. Hair is left smooth, silky, and with the added benefit of heat protection!


Kevin looked to the climate of Australia to inspire this multi-purpose product – finding ingredients from plants that flourished in harsh conditions. UN.TANGLED is a fan-favourite among clients and stylists alike for its proven ability to improve manageability and the ability to be used on all hair types.


Australian Fruit Extracts  Desert Lime, Australian Round Lime, Illawara Plum, Australian Finger Lime, Burdekin Plum and Kakadu Plum. Chosen for their ability to thrive in harsh climates, they contain hydrophilic properties, which aids in the formula’s hydration factor.

Bamboo Extract – Vitamin and mineral-rich, Bamboo Extract is packed with antioxidants to improve the health of hair and provide nourishment.

Tasmanian Lanceolata Leaf Extract – A highly sustainable ingredient native to Australia, Tasmanian Lanceolata Leaf Extract or Tasmanian Native Pepper as it is better known soothes and protects the scalp.

Aniseed Myrtle – Increasing elasticity and smoothness, this ingredient is essential to boosting shine.


Although UN.TANGLED is highly effective when used as a standalone product, pair it with a few of our favourites for an even more finished style!


If you’re looking for an extra dose of shimmer, layer SHIMMER.SHINE over UN.TANGLED before and after your blow-dry for optimal conditioning and endless shine.


UN.TANGLED is the perfect product to prep your hair for a seamless blow-dry. But, if your second-day strands are looking for a pick-me-up, add a little luxury to your routine with YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER. Apply on mid-lengths to ends for a refreshing finish that’s soft and smooth.


Wavy and curly hair thrive with added moisture, so prep strands with UN.TANGLED and layer with KILLER.CURLS to create a dynamic duo that moisturises and defines your texture.

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