The 2022 KEVIN.MURPHY Campaign — AMONG GIANTS and MODERNISTIC — explored parallel yet interwoven dimensions in styling and colour. Both featured bright, shiny finishes juxtaposed against unique backdrops that give each their own essence. 

Shot in the Great Otway National Park in Victoria, Australia — being among these fern-filled groves and towering redwoods was humbling. With an overwhelming tie to the earth and the rich history that makes up the plant species here, the grounds felt sacred. We were immersed in the power of nature by striding along misty waterfalls and secret grottos with platypus, koalas, and glow worms. 

The mystical rainforest was the perfect environment for dewy hair and natural curl texture to thrive. To enhance the looks, we cut various shapes and layers that were finished with volume and high shine.

The life here dates back to Gondwana, 140 million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Being here allowed KEVIN.MURPHY to acknowledge and honour the Gadubanud (Katabanut) or King Parrot people of the Maar Nation — Traditional Custodians of the land. With one of the oldest living cultures in history, we respect the Elders past, present, and emerging, who continue their connection and contribution to land, water and community.

In stark contrast to AMONG GIANTS photographed in The Otway forest, with trees that date back to the beginning of time, MODERNISTIC was shot in a high-tech house in Melbourne, Australia. Instilling a feeling of “home,” the hair in MODERNISTIC highlighted global colours against bold wardrobe shades. 

A mix of urban culture and modern mid-century, languid waves and sleek shapes created a luxurious vibe against the backdrop of this sanctuary. Shooting throughout the waterways, gardens, and concrete structures that made up the soul of the house, the looks captured here are intentional, sleek, and indulgent for every day.



DIGITAL MOTION & PHOTOGRAPHY: John O’Rourke & Reuben Gates

HAIR STYLING: James Nicholson, Wade Blackford & Nathan Gorman


HAIR STYLING ASSISTANT: Lucas Dowling & Phoenix Ly

MAKEUP: Kenneth Higgins & Chelsea Burns

FASHION: Emily Ward & Olivia Foulds