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Key Ingredients
Sugar Cane 
Rich source of glycolic acid great for exfoliating the surface of the hair and is great for moisture retention

Vegetable / Plant Proteins
Great for restructuring the surface of the hair and leaves the hair radiant and shiny

Nettle Extract
High source of antioxidants to keep free radicals under control. It also has anti-inflammatory and astringent qualities.

Mongongo Oil
Contains a high percentage of linoleic acid and offers a unique protection from UV and environmental pollutants.

Gardenia Flower Extracts
Contains powerful antioxidants due to ferulic acid that aids in collagen maintenance resulting in improved condition and strength.

Japanese Green Tea
To recycle collagen and elastin, essential to healthy hair

Glycolic Acid
Attaches to the keratin in the hair to make it more manageable with a healthier appearance

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
Water-soluble antioxidant not produced by the body that will protect both the hair and scalp from free radicals.

Monoi Oil
Adds shine and softness to the hair and will rebuild the hair from the inside out with no weight.



A range of products designed for an in-salon experience. “Super Proteins” from vegetables and plants penetrate easily to strengthen the hair shaft and repair damage created by heat styling and chemical services. TREAT.ME is full strength with a high concentration of active ingredients. TREAT.ME can be tailored to suit each of your client’s individual needs and will make the surface of your hair more supple, elastic and smoother.

Benefits: Sulphate Free, Reduces Breakage, For Damaged Hair, Increases Elasticity, 26 Amino Acids, Antioxidant Rich, Colour SafeStrengthens Hair, Alpha Hydroxy Acids


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