Essential to all

life on the planet, water is becoming a depleted environmental resource that we all need to consider in the salon. In light of this, and to create a more effective salon solution, we are proud to partner with ECOHEADS.

We know that salons need water, as it’s a vital and necessary part of daily business, but so it’s time for salon owners to look at how they can make a beneficial and lasting change. As the Earth’s water reserves are depleted, we want to make every effort to help salons conserve water while providing a better client experience and helping them save money, and our partnership with ECOHEADS allows us to do just that.


Be part of the change, and help protect our natural resources.

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The most common

problems that many salons face today are found at the backbar, and these include weak water pressure, hard water, and a shortage of hot water, all of which leads to costly water and energy bills. The average salon basin currently uses over 150 gallons of water per day , so we
need to take action to make the backbar a more water- friendly and cost saving environment for the future growth of the salon business.

Through our partnership with ECOHEADS, we are offering innovative showerheads to salons, which provide a saving of up to 98 gallons of water in a single basin, and use up to 65% less water than regular showerheads - the benefits speak for themselves:

  • 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly design doubles the water pressure compared to regular showerheads

  • Provides an immediate saving of up to 98 gallons of water in a single basin

  • Uses up to 65% less water than regular showerheads

  • Helps soften the water, while negative ions deliver a more beneficial rinse

  • Tourmaline stones help to remove sediment, dirt, and chlorine from the water for a cleaner, fresher wash

  • Allows for colour to be rinsed out up to three-times faster

  • Offers a powerful water stream combined with a uniquely designed plate to offer the client a relaxing massage experience

  • Helps the salon save money on expensive water and energy bills

  • Tested, approved, and certified by W.E.L.S