Ocean Waste Plastic


December 2020

Dear Friend of KEVIN.MURPHY,

Regrettably, we at KEVIN.MURPHY have to inform you that we cannot currently supply 100% Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) packaging as we announced just over two years ago. Our packaging supplier made us aware of this situation and also said they cannot guarantee that our current packaging that has 100% OWP on the label is in fact accurate. Let me say to our global community, we apologize deeply.

We knew this was an ambitious and never-before achieved task by a company of our size in our industry, but we advanced with the assurances of our experts and our vendor and supply chain.

The harsh realities are forcing KEVIN.MURPHY to accept the fact that this task is difficult to uphold and sustain. There are a whole host of issues along the supply chain—the collection process is daunting and not always secure, the quality is wildly inconsistent, often forcing the addition of virgin resin. We can humbly say we now understand the reason it hadn’t been done before.

At this juncture our ethics and morality dictate that we communicate this reality in a timely and transparent manner. While we could point to others who didn’t deliver as promised, ultimately, the responsibility stops with us as a company.

KEVIN.MURPHY will use this as a moment to look at our systems and make them better; to hold ourselves to a higher standard; and most importantly, to never forget our commitment to pass along a clean, healthy environmentally sound planet to our children, grandchildren and generations to come.

In terms of concrete actions: 1) We have initiated independent investigations and are evaluating this situation to see how to move expeditiously to use the greatest amount of ocean plastic, Post Consumer Resin (PCR) and least amount of virgin material in our packaging, 2) We are evaluating and will be enhancing our audit programs, 3) We are reviewing the lost environmental opportunity, finding ways to make this right and deliver on our original commitment, and 4) Beginning with all new production of packaging, the “100% OWP” label will be removed from all packages.

As we explore the best, most environmentally sensitive ways to move forward, that are within the realm of feasibility, we have removed and will continue to remove plastics from the oceans and waterways at a 1:1 ratio for our packaging. But we won’t stop there, we will continue to explore new methods, new partners and listen to new ideas to make sure our packaging leaves the smallest footprint possible for the next generation.

We thank the styling community, our customers and partners, for years of loyalty to our brand. It is humbling and empowering and it is the reason our team does this.

Laurent Misischi

Chief Executive Officer