United as we have been by values of empathy, community and lifestyle, society is reorganising. An occasional event largely last witnessed in the summer of 1969. For many this is a formative generational cultural reset.

Our ability to form, grow and maintain networks has never been more essential, this is how we manage complexity. Across lifestyle, fashion, and hair, a strong vibe of going back to basics is observed. It is about creating space to support and celebrate how different perspectives enhance society. Trends have lost all meaning, stylists personally and salons physically have a unique opportunity to create enriching, emotional, ethereal, and exclusive experiences for clients to reignite their senses and relationship with you. Build your storytelling around who you are and what you stand for. Show your clients that you embrace them and understand their need for change and a spontaneous, unfiltered communication to find a style that is authentically them.

The click bait of oversaturated runways and street style content blurs the lines of fashion. We demand the return of luxurious minimalism. An effortless ease and elevated staples, doing less with more, fashion is now tailored for a new likeability. Now we look for things that replace fleeting trends, by returning to function and quality with a mindset of value and quality. The pendulum has swung.

Now & Then trends have coexisted with meaningful change, defining collective thoughts, behaviour and a shift in society. Now we talk about things like Barbie-core or Mermaid-core being a trend for summer. Trends have lost their meaning. There is no doubt that micro trends have changed the way fashion is consumed but if you are true to personal style you are true fashion. Ignoring trends and cultivating your own look is the way to fully emerge as yourself. Personal style is better than any trend, people are showing more individuality with a renewed sense of vitality and vigour. We want to express ourselves in all things and hair is one of the largest expressions of self. If you want to feel good, look good. We must make sure that we recognise how to be the best version of ourselves and what goes with our personality, ethos, and belief.

We view our talent as who they truly are. People who are unique, diverse and representative of us all. We now share the brief and explore how the team adapted the service to build the look for the individual. Now & Then unlocks the why behind each expression of self, and their relationship with their hair.

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