The Choices We Make

At KEVIN.MURPHY, we care about the environment and make every effort to lessen our impact. Creating products with a conscience that are both kind to the hair and to the environment has been our guiding principle from the very beginning. Every product is formulated with both natural and scientific ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources. We use both the best in science and nature. We use packaging that is recyclable wherever possible. Our sleek, modern, square bottles aren’t just uniquely designed for looks—they actually hold more product while using less plastic.

THE CHOICES WE MAKE maintain our commitment to the environmental issues that affect us all, as the environment is at the pillar of what our brand stands for. Our passion for protecting the environment goes beyond just our products and packaging. Through THE HEART OF KEVIN.MURPHY, we not only engage to support our environmental efforts, but we also provide aid for important social efforts through our philanthropy with like-minded organisations.

The Environment

Learn about our commitment to the environment through our eco-focused initiatives.

Philanthropy and the Heart of KM

Discover our dedication to funding charitable causes focused on human and environmental issues.


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KEVIN.MURPHY Company Policy on Animal Testing

At KEVIN.MURPHY we are committed to developing high performance quality products in compliance with current regulations. In EU animal testing on finished cosmetic products and their ingredients are prohibited also when performed outside the EU. 

During development the newest scientific knowledge and carefully chosen ingredients are combined with thorough testing by professional hairdressers and result in products which are safe for their intended use. 

Therefore KEVIN.MURPHY products and the ingredients used are not subjected to animal testing and never will be on our behalf.

It is important to note that some raw materials may have been tested on animals also for other industries like pharmaceuticals, however KEVIN.MURPHY does not and will not ever need animal testing to be done to evaluate the safety of our products.