Hair type and texture are defining traits completely unique to you. From the way your waves bend to the size and bounce of your curls — no two heads of hair are the same — which is exactly where the beauty lies. Whether your texture pattern is natural or permed, finding products that are tailored to your shape is essential. This is where the KEVIN.MURPHY CURL Regimen steps in, with multiple products designed to enhance wavy and curly hair.

Expert Tips To Define Your Texture

Start with a solid foundation

Styling wavy and curly hair starts from the moment you shampoo. This is because moisture and hydration are key to defining and refining the hair’s texture to create gorgeous results in the short and long term. Creating shiny, strong and healthy hair, KILLER.CURLS WASH + RINSE are formulated with nourishing Oat Milk to gently cleanse the hair while protecting the cuticle and reducing the chance of breakage. 

With other alternatives like SMOOTH.AGAIN.WASH + RINSE and YOUNG.AGAIN.WASH + RINSE you might be curious about how the new KILLER.CURLS WASH + RINSE is different.

SMOOTH.AGAIN offers targeted smoothing and refining for thick, coarse hair and prepares it for styling while YOUNG.AGAIN builds resilience and adds hydration for brittle, dry hair. KILLER.CURLS stands out for its ingredients to enhance curl patterns and refine texture while also combatting breakage. It is ideal for all hair types, especially as a primer for air-drying the hair.

Pick products based on your hair and texture type

What works for one hair type and texture might not work for another — this is where picking products or cocktailing them for your individual shape and desired style is ideal. With the addition of KILLER.CURLS WASH, RINSE and KILLER.TWIRLS, KEVIN.MURPHY has expanded their portfolio to offer a wide range of options. In addition to choosing products for your curl pattern, the thickness of your hair should also be considered. Products that feature heavier creams are better suited for thicker texture, while lightweight creams and sprays are ideal for fine hair types. 

KILLER.TWIRLS — The latest release, this styler was specifically created to be used as an air-dry cream to moisturise the hair and refine your curls. It can be used on all hair types and should be applied to wet hair.

KILLER.CURLS — For medium to thick hair types, this crème volumises and defines your texture. Apply to very wet hair for best results and either diffuse or air-dry.

KILLER.WAVES — Activate curls and waves with a lightweight mist designed for fine to normal hair types. This can be applied to wet hair or sprayed sparingly on dry hair to refresh your texture.

MOTION.LOTION — Define curls and enhance texture with this highly absorbent lotion ideal for all hair types and applied to wet or dry stands.

EASY.RIDER — Add definition and moisture to your curls with this anti-frizz crème. Ideal to apply to medium to coarse hair types, whether wet or dry.

Layer when necessary

Depending on your natural texture and the finished style you’re creating, you might want to apply multiple products to achieve a look—for example, KILLER.TWIRLS was developed as a foundation product to air-dry hair, so if you want to ensure maximum heat protection of 232°C or 450°F, add a layer of HEATED.DEFENSE first and then apply KILLER.TWIRLS after. Then diffuse dry or touch up with a wand when needed. This ensures hair is defined while also being protected.

Pay attention to how much product you’re using

Too little, and it might not make a difference. Too much, and you’ll weigh your texture down. It’s all about finding the right balance with any product. Because of density, hair thickness, and texture type, the amount of product will be different for every person. Always start off with less and add more when needed, paying attention to how damp or dry your hair is throughout the application process.

Pick multi-taskers

When it comes to curls, you don’t want to take a blanket approach with your stylers. However, products that also add moisture to your hair when styling are always a yes! Curly hair needs more moisture than other hair types, so reach for products like KILLER.CURLS WASH + RINSE, KILLER.TWIRLS, KILLER.CURLS and KILLER.WAVES that were formulated specifically to provide and seal in moisture. 

Other Common KILLER.CURLS + KILLER.TWIRLS Questions:

Can KILLER.TWIRLS be used prior to blow drying?

Yes! Gentle diffuse drying on low heat is best to speed up the air-drying process. With a hooded dryer consider using a scarf or low fan.

What is the difference between KILLER.CURLS, KILLER.WAVES and KILLER.TWIRLS, and when do I use them?

KILLER.CURLS has a stronger hold, pumps up curls and waves and maintains the hold all day long.

KILLER.WAVES has been designed to pump up and thicken fine curly hair. Think of it as BODY.MASS with curl enhancers, the hair is able to move and has a natural styling hold.

KILLER.TWIRLS is an air-dry crème designed to gently refine, moisturise and protect curls. It is a great foundation product to add for all people who air-dry.

What is the difference between MOTION.LOTION and KILLER.TWIRLS?

At first glance, they may seem similar. MOTION.LOTION is one of our icons of curl, movement and texture, one that actually predates the CURL Regimen! MOTION.LOTION is a weightless, highly absorbent treatment lotion designed to deliver a flexible hold and natural-looking shine. Suitable for fine hair it offers improved definition, thickness, and hold. While KILLER.TWIRLS has been developed as a foundation product and pattern enhancer for those who air-dry.

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