We adore the summer sun for its ability to add a glowy tan to our skin and enjoy evenings spent flouncing around in flowy dresses, but the increase in temperature isn’t always as kind to our hair — from combatting colour fade to getting your blow dry to last in peak humidity, we’re unveiling our summer secrets to beat the heat in style.

Summer Hairstyle Tips for Heat Protection

Summer Hair Concern: HUMIDITY


Nothing wrecks a freshly styled blow dry quicker than humidity. That’s because the extra moisture in the hair causes your hair to revert back to its natural state. To cut down on the impact of humidity and frizz while also shortening your blow dry time, use products designed to create a flawless style that lasts — the BLOW.DRY regimen. 

Start with the BLOW.DRY WASH + RINSE to strengthen hair against heat damage and build hydration, nourishment and repair into your style. After cleansing and conditioning, follow with one of the EVERs — EVER.SMOOTH, EVER.BOUNCE, EVER.THICKEN or EVER.LIFT — a heat-activated leave-in spray that weightlessly adds your chosen benefit while extending your style. 

Summer Hair Concern: DAMAGE


Between styling tools and the summer sun, you’ll probably notice your hair feels extra parched. Heat is one of the most common causes of hair damage and is an issue that can be easily avoided. Anytime you blow dry, curl or straighten the hair, simply prep damp hair with HEATED.DEFENSE — a weightless, leave-in treatment foam that protects hair up to 232˚C / 450˚F. 

Summer Hair Concern: COLOUR FADE


Excess sun, taking a dip in the ocean, or simply styling your hair more often, are all factors that can cause your hair colour to fade. While regular GLOSS treatments are ideal to improve shine, hue, strength and condition, there are also at-home remedies that can extend the life of your colour. Meet EVERLASTING.COLOUR LEAVE-IN. A bond-builder and treatment in one, this leave-in formula sprays onto the hair for easy application and strengthens the hair from the inside out. What we love most about it is how it preserves your colour vibrancy and protects the hair from stressors all while nourishing, hydrating and repairing your strands. If you want an extra level of colour protection, add EVERLASTING.COLOUR WASH + RINSE to your shower routine to enhance the benefits. 

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