A meaningful collaboration between HairToStay and KEVIN.MURPHY is making a difference for individuals navigating chemotherapy.

HairToStay, a nation-wide nonprofit, subsidizes scalp cooling treatments for low-income cancer patients. When scalp cooling treatments are administered during the chemotherapy process, the loss of the patient’s hair may be reduced by up to 50%.

By keeping their hair, cancer patients may have an improved sense of self, strength, and normalcy. HairToStay's dedication to fighting back against chemotherapy-induced hair loss aligns seamlessly with KEVIN.MURPHY's vision and values. Together, they bring a ray of hope to patients by providing more access to scalp cooling during their cancer journeys.

This partnership exemplifies the profound impact that can be achieved when innovation and compassion come together to enhance the lives of those navigating the complexities of cancer treatment.

To learn more & to donate, visit hairtostay.org