With the ability to share styles instantly across the globe, there have never been more haircut options than there are today. Previously opting for a short haircut usually meant a similar version of a bob, lob or pixie, but now there are endless amounts of haircuts to EXPRESS YOURSELF that each have their own diverse details. Exploring a few of the top silhouettes, we’re introducing a new slew of short haircut inspiration that should be kept in your arsenal. 

The Best Short Haircut Trends


The Slick cut could be described as the perfect crop. Extremely short and tight, with wiggle room depending on the way you style it. This style will accent your facial structure with ease and paired with natural or high-fashion hair colour can easily be transformed to fit your vibe. With slight variance in length, it can be created on any hair type and only requires a few key products to finish the look. 

Must-have products:


Ideal to keep your crop close for a slick and smooth finish.


Add this styler to moisturise and enhance your natural texture patterns.


It could show up in the form of greasy hair, limp locks or lackluster colour — but the root of all of these hair concerns starts with your scalp, an area we forget to treat and protect all too often. Adding essential products from the SCALP.SPA range to your haircare practice will improve your scalp’s wellness and your finished look. 

We consider this look our take on the modern pixie. With slightly more range than the 90s crop versions, this length gives you more to work with when styling. Wear your hair natural or blast dry with the help of a few products to add height, create texture or enhance your curl pattern. Similar to SLICK, this length allows you to experiment with hair colour to make a statement. 

Must-have products:


Pair this weightless finishing spray with loose 2C-3B curls. It will add the refinement and separation you need for the ideal messy-sexy finish. 


Slick it back or create a strict shape within your texture, this strong hold styler helps you control your look with a matte finish and gritty texture. 


One of the biggest challenges with a short haircut is learning how to refine and define your look. With a SMOOTH look, similar to a box bob or elongated mixie, the density of your hair will play a large role. For those with thicker hair textures, it’s all about creating a low elevation hold while those with thinner or finer hair will need to add just the right amount of fullness without appearing airy. 

Must-have products:


Essential for those with fine and thin hair. This volumising hairspray helps hair defy gravity while still preserving a smooth finish. 


Those with thick or highly textured hair will benefit from prepping hair with EVER.SMOOTH before blowing dry. Not only will this speed up your blow-dry, the heat-activated formula will also elongate the life of your style and add condition. While this product is great for naturally textured hair, it can be used for all hair types. 


Built-in texture has been everywhere over the past few years and is often paired with a shorter length. We love this look to create a shattered bob. While this look can be achieved on all hair types, fine to normal hair will benefit most from this technique. Adding volume and movement within the cut, the intention is to add face-framing layers that accentuate the individual and enhance a full-bodied finish. 

Must-have products:


A strong foundation will influence the rest of your style and using FULL.AGAIN thickening lotion will work wonders to enhance body from the beginning. Ideal for fine and thin hair types, the result is a naturally lush, full finish. 


An airy finish is the best way to enhance shattered layers. Whether you’re giving fine hair a lift or adding hold and volume to normal to thick texture types, this dry powder finishing spray refreshes your style while adding hold.


Short haircuts have never been a one-size-fits-all style. With BOUNCE, the finished look is all about enhancing length and directing layers to create a truly tailored cut. When shaping silhouettes for highly textured hair, tailored layers will directly influence the ability to define texture, unlocking freedom for your hair type. 

Must-have products:


Stop frizz in its tracks, add moisture, and define your texture type with the added benefit of heat protection. This styler will activate your curl pattern to refine your look so you can show off your new cut. 


Whether you have 2C waves or 3C curls, adding airy volume to your look will help enhance the BOUNCE. Offering touchable texture and just the right amount of separation, this flexible finishing spray creates an undone finish that allows your natural texture to thrive. 


The epitome of a personalised cut, this tight tailored look gives us Mixie and Octopus cut vibes and is ideal for those looking for a wash-and-go style. For quick and easy styling, this look is ideal for straight to wavy (1A-2B) hair types with final lengths and details determined based on your face shape. 

Must-have products:


Enhance a slight bend or give hair that surfer texture everyone loves about a messy look. Take your pick — this texturiser can be applied to damp or dry hair and scrunched or combed to perfection.


Whether you’re after a slick style or simply need to tame a few flyaways, SESSION.SPRAY will keep even the shortest layers in line.