A personal journey to natural hair

Tap into the pulse of a global city and reveal the intricacies of Urban Hair Culture.

Each head of hair is completely unique and to embrace natural hair texture is to unlock one’s personal freedom and security to wear the hair you want.

Take a dive with us into the editorial world of product and see how we achieved these iconic moments inspired by London Streetstyle.

Let’s begin our journey in the streets of East London…

The Looks

The Looks

The Collection

Your destination to explore the world of Urban Hair Culture, The Collection, and exclusive film of our journey through the streets of East London.


Jennifer, roller skating through life, starts her day with protective styling. A twist set with YOUNG.AGAIN and UN.TANGLED and finished with SESSION.SPRAY evolves as the day goes by.


Ali’s shifting texture from curls to waves, styled to suit to her mood. Her West end girl in an East end world look was created with YOUNG.AGAIN, ANTI.GRAVITY, HEATED.DEFENSE, and SESSION.SPRAY FLEX.


Naomi is THAT girl, with hair ‘throwing shapes’… ballroom style, into the winter winds. Prep hair with STAYING.ALIVE and KILLER.CURLS then scrunch in HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY for a curl that lasts.


Jordan is a free spirit and wears his hair like a fabled source of power. Well-rested styling with seamless product choices, like LEAVE-IN.REPAIR, MOTION.LOTION, and YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER.


Velveteen Queen wears her hair like her high end fashion. Auburn curls come to life as she struts the East London Streets. Use KILLER.WAVES and FULL.AGAIN to volume dry and TOUCHABLE to separate and create motion.

Behind the scenes

Hair texture is like DNA, unique to each of us. To embrace natural hair texture is to unlock one’s own personal calling card. Our London styling has a graceful balance of SELF-MADE with a seamless finish, & LOADED, a controlled finish using treatment stylers. We looked to the streets, seeking out the subversive in study of the ART of SELF-STYLING for a hand crafted moment. This campaign is a discovery of results driven product choices, exploring treatments as stylers, as life is often a one product fits ALL moment.

“FACTION, of both fact and fiction. Reality filtered through the Imagination”



a collective project by Creative Director KEVIN MURPHY Artistic Design Director JAMES NICHOLSON & Chief Creative Officer LARRY PAUL

HAIR TEAM James Nicholson was joined by: ORSI LUCA – KEVIN.MURPHY KEY and valued member of the UK Sweet Squared education team • LEI – Textured hair specialist @hair_by_lei • DEAN – Founder/stylist at Stunt Dolly @stuntdolly
PHOTOGRAPHERS JLEILA KIMIAI-NAI @lkn_1 • ORSI LUCA @orsikevinmurphy -inc. BTS + Motion
STYLIST ANGEL NICHOLSON @1800AngelBaby – Angel’s background in fusing high end fashion with street style photography, saw her as a natural choice to co-art direct this project. She has developed each character in the walking series.
M.U.A VICTORIA MARTIN @victoriamartinmakeup – Vic worked to a brief of seamless grooming & highlighting natural skin textures.
MODELS ALI @aliridgway • JENNIFER @jennifermalengele • NAOMI @baroxe • JORDAN @joeyfreckles • VELVETEEN @queen.velveteen