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With industry advice from our team, go behind the scenes as we share information to help salons, stylists and distributors. Get to know and understand the uniqueness and innovation of this groundbreaking Australian beauty brand with a cult following.

Our new digital education offering SESSION.SALON CONNECT has landed, but what is all of the fuss about? In this podcast Nathan Gorman with SESSION.SALON royalty Paz Bamrolia and Sarah Lund will open your mind to the business of communication. Our mission is to cement SESSION.SALON into a new digital landscape and be a voice of truth for salons and stylists in a whole new world. What is a personal brand, Who is your client, How have they changed and what do you need to do? Take your business to the next level with this exciting program from KEVIN.MURPHY Education.


Season 2

Grey hair may not have changed but some of the ways clients look to us to master it have. DESIGN.DIRECTOR Kate Reid, North American Education manager Jodana Geary and Salon owner and educator Brandi Holdaway discuss formulations, grey blending, multi tonal coverage and opaque results to help elevate your colours in salon for the new future of grey colouration.
When we launched EVER.SMOOTH, we knew we were onto something big when we explored and experienced Long Chain Polymers in our product. After great success, we decided to take this technology further and create a whole family of products. Get an insiders point of view as Nathan Gorman hosts this episode with very special guests Kevin Murphy, Larry Paul and Sanaz Enshaian as we explore all you need to know about BLOW.DRY By KEVIN.MURPHY. Listen in to gain knowledge on where to find assets, inspiration and for an in-depth conversation on ingredients and how to elevate the BLOW.DRY experience for you and your clients.
NUDE ALERT! Now that we have your attention, join COLOR.ME Design Director Kate Reid with special guests Caroline Kells, Iggy Popovic and Malin Hornqvist as they discuss all things NUDE as we launch the new and innovative COLOR.ME .28 BEIGE.VIOLET reflects. Explore a symphony of on trend, must-have tones from bronze to blush, taupe and oatmeal. These SHADES will take personalisation for your clients to the next level. Kate and her guests discuss all you need to know about this exciting addition, and share tried and tested formulas that you can immediately implement in salon.
In this podcast Nathan Gorman, Jennifer Bartee and James Nicholson have a candid chat about some exciting initiatives that we have at KEVIN.MURPHY. First our HI-T Texture report and explore a class offering we have launched called TEXTURE.SHAPE.FINISH. Listen to gain knowledge on some consumer behaviours around curl to highly textured hair and identify some key trends in this area.
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In a digital landscape it’s more important than ever that you don’t treat clients like strangers. As COVID-19 taught us, engage! In this podcast HEAD.MASTER Nathan Gorman, STYLE.MASTER Sarah Lund and Janine Simons COLOR.MASTER discuss all things social. Listen to gain knowledge on creating your social tribe, where to find the right followers, and how to engage the right form of influencers for your personal or salon brand. If algorithms and new social platforms and features confuse you then let us help you cut through the clutter. More than ever, it is about a personal touch to enhance and upgrade the digital experience beyond sales and services. All channels and touchpoints become an opportunity to build audiences and generate success in the chair.
Join Kate Reid Design Director for COLOR.ME and special guests Ian Kelly of Organic Hairdressing and Lee Belcher of Sweet Squared as they discuss all things pH.D our no lift, no shift pH transformer. Understand the performance and how to harness it to increase service options and generate income without requiring an additional colour line. Ian and Lee will give you tips and tricks along with formulations that will help you implement pH.D into your work and meet clients’ needs head on.
From backstage to in-salon, which product should you be grabbing for to achieve optimal performance? Join KEVIN.MURPHY DESIGN.DIRECTOR – STYLING WADE BLACKFORD, STYLE.MASTER CAROLINE KELLS, and ARTISTIC DESIGN.DIRECTOR JAMES NICHOLSON for PRODUCT COMPARISONS as they discuss some of their KEVIN.MURPHY favourites!
Join DESIGN.DIRECTOR Kate Reid, Education and Business Development Manager Paz Bamrolia, and COLOR.MASTER Jan Patanao as they discuss the newest edition to the COLOR.ME family – LIQUID.ACTIVATOR 3.5 VOL. (1%)! Colouring hair is about versatility and with the addition of LIQUID.ACTIVATOR 3.5 VOL. (1%) you will have more choices when it comes to refining, overlays and creating great COLOR.ME results in the salon.
Founder Kevin Murphy discusses creating modern-day inclusive spaces with particular attention to emotional and physical safety in the salon. He is joined by Dr. Connie Henson, Sandy Chong, and Nathan Gorman, HEAD.MASTER for KEVIN.MURPHY.
Join HEAD.MASTER Nathan Gorman, KEVIN.MURPHY Global Marketing Director Irena Kojouharova, and DESIGN.DIRECTOR Wade Blackford as they discuss HAIR.REHAB – customisable rituals for in-salon and at-home hair care! Providing a profitable way for stylists to continue to serve as the expert in all things beauty while building trust beyond the salon. Featuring targeted treatment prescriptions for a range of in-salon solutions that focus on the client’s desired result, HAIR.REHAB combines treatments with a service ceremony to deliver personalised benefits while creating a self-care moment in the sanctuary of the salon that they can continue at home.
Nathan Gorman – David Cruz – Xeneb Allen
Join Nathan Gorman, HEAD.MASTER for KEVIN.MURPHY, David Cruz, KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.MASTER, and Session Hairstylist Xeneb Allen as they discuss the intricacies of editorial work. Are you properly promoting yourself and your work? Listen in as they discuss their individual journeys and the experiences that shaped them into the artists that they are today.
Nathan Gorman – Jennifer Texada – Sharon Richards
Join HEAD.MASTER Nathan Gorman, Digital Marketing Manager Jennifer Texada and Stylist and texture client Sharon Richards as they give you a sneak peek into the world of KEVIN.MURPHY. As a brand that has identified where we need change, this podcast dives into the topics of diversity in texture and calls out the need for a refresh in our industry. Let’s put the statement “I can’t really do that type of hair” behind us and shift our education toward inclusion of all hair types and textures.
Kevin Murphy – Tim Abney – Wade Blackford – Sanaz Enshaian
Today we discuss the newest regimen to join the KEVIN.MURPHY lineup – SCALP. Join us as we go over why this long awaited regimen is the answer to all of your scalp needs; including how our handpicked ingredients perform as well as their effect on the environment.
Kate Reid – Jodana Geary – Janine Simons
Today we are exploring the business of colour within the salon. We will look at growing service dollars and using colour journeys to build loyalty and hold a discussion on career paths in the area of colour and look at tips and trips to build your profile on social media. We look at how to cost out colour services and use cost and time formula to elevate the performance of colour in your salon and for your stylists. Learn how to identify the most profitable services in your salon and build promotions around these to maximise performance and client satisfaction.

Season 1

Soft, shimmery and astonishingly shiny, join Kevin Murphy and Design Director Kate Reid as they unveil COLOR.ME’s newest TONERS. Listen in as they share their behind-the-scenes experience working with CRYSTAL, GOLD and LAVENDER and the looks created with these shades on the set of RADIANT FLUX.
It’s true, brighter days are ahead! Introducing the newest addition to the COLOR.ME range of lighteners! Join Kevin Murphy and COLOR.ME Design Director Kate Reid as they share new ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER, a high performance lightener offering up to 9 levels of lift and bond protection.
Join COLOR.ME Design Director Kate Reid and COLOR.MASTER Iggy Popovic as they discuss some of their favourite ways to utilise new pH.D alkaline to acid pH transformer and answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Join HEAD.MASTER Nathan Gorman and Tim Abney, our Global Education Development Director, as they discuss focusing your attention and setting intentions. They provide everyday tips for navigating these times and techniques for indulging in moments that require recentering.
As we plan to reboot and reopen salon doors, we have to remember that hairdressing is all about clients and communication. In this episode, Kevin Murphy is speaking with Trichologist Simone Lee, Founder of the Australian Institute of Trichology, and Nathan Gorman, HEAD.MASTER, to discuss the thought, planning, and resources necessary to successfully navigate this changed landscape and transition back into the salon.
People are craving connections at this time. We are all in this together and many of us have a fear of change. Change is inevitable and any tools that can help us embrace this concept and adapt is going to be really important now. We understand that you may feel anxious about change and we wanted to dedicate the whole episode to looking at mental health, resilience and some of the tools that we have to work with. In this episode, Kevin is speaking with with Tim Abney, our Global Education Development Director, and Nathan Gorman, HEAD.MASTER, on tools to thrive when things change.
Nathan Gorman talks with Amy Lang, owner of Ponytails + Horseshoes in Edmonton, AB and Natalie Morgan of Nova Hair collective in Austin, TX about the heartbreaks and challenges that have come with owning a salon impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen as they discuss business and how it will change as we all start planning for getting back to work.
A creative force to be reckoned with, SESSION.MASTER James Nicholson shares highlights of his 30-year global journey of professional self-discovery that led him to become the artist and mentor he is today.
In this episode, Kevin joins COLOR.ME Design Director Kate Reid and HEAD.MASTER Nathan Gorman to share ideas for stylists navigating the challenges of Covid19. From creating strong connections with your clients, to the tools you need to ensure a strong comeback upon the reopening of your salon, tune in for the tips and tricks you need to adapt and change during this period of isolation.
Join one of our favourite curly girls STYLE.MASTER Ali Bastista for a deep dive on our CURL regimen known for making waves with curly and wavy haired clients, celebrities and editors across the globe.
Pascal Van Loenhout is cut from a different cloth. Listen in as he shares his career as an internationally acclaimed hair stylist, salon owner and global creative director.
Bigger really is better according to STYLE.MASTER Ali Bastista. Discover more about our favourite products for volumising, thickening and transforming fine, flat hair.
An industry icon and Australian Hair Fashion Awards 2018 Winner for Excellence in Education, Kate Reid is a driving force in education strategy, digital and live content, as well as industry sustainability. Her illustrious career has seen her travel across the globe to more than 25 countries presenting shows and workshops to audiences of 2,500+, imparting knowledge and skills with her unique style and flare. Join us as we learn more about her path to DESIGN.DIRECTOR for COLOR.ME.
Introducing the future of professional hair colour. Join us as we explore COLOR.ME’s most innovative product launch to date: new pH.D alkaline to acid pH transformer. Utlising cutting-edge technology and a propreitary ingredient blend, pH.D gives colourists the ability to transform oxidative colour into a gentle acid colouration creating limitless colour possibilities while streamlining the need for multiple colour lines in the salon.
Hormonal changes, lifestyle changes – there are so many changes that can have an adverse effect on the hair’s condition…the best way to stay ahead of the ageing game is to start early! Join KEVIN.MURPHY HEAD.MASTER Nathan Gorman to discover everything you need to know about our REJUVENATE regimen and start turning back time and restoring youthful lustre to your hair.
With a successful career that’s spanned several continents and an integral part of the KEVIN.MURPHY team for nine years, Nathan Gorman is a leader within the field of education. His passion for KEVIN.MURPHY education, and his commitment to providing the very highest quality in creative education and product understanding has taken him to the role of HEAD.MASTER, and sees him collaborating with the KEVIN.MURPHY creative, marketing and education teams to deliver inspiration and insight into all aspects of education. Listen in to discover the career path that has led Nathan to where he is today!
Make good on your resolution to HYDRATE more and join STYLE.MASTER Ali Batista as she pours up an extra special episode dedicated to our fan-favourite HYDRATE regimen.
Go behind the scenes of our latest COLOR.ME campaign with DESIGN.DIRECTOR Kate Reid and Design Director Wade Blackford. Learn what goes into the making of a campaign from concept to creation and experience the thrill of being on set with Kevin and the rest of the team. From model selection to makeup, cut to colour, styling to wardrobe and everything in between, this episode gives you exclusive VIP access into the making of RADIANT FLUX.
The HEAT is on! Join DESIGN.DIRECTOR Wade Blackford for a look at our PROTECT regimen featuring our hero product HEATED.DEFENSE Leave-in Heat Protection for your hair . Learn why heat protection is so important and the key ingredients that make it possible.
New year, new shades! We are expanding our INTENSE.NATURAL range with four new shades delivering cool, opaque colour and maximum grey coverage. Join COLOR.ME DESIGN.DIRECTOR Kate Reid to learn more about 3.00, 4.00, 9.00 and 10.00.
This week, our HEAD.MASTER Nathan Gorman, introduces our 2020 Education Collection – BANG BANG. True to our brand’s identity and our direct relationship with the fashion world, BANG BANG explores references from the past 30 years that can be easily translated into what your clients crave.
Drop in on Nathan Gorman our HEAD.MASTER as he takes us on a journey on the development and execution of the latest KEVIN.MURPHY campaign, North. Get a glimpse of everything it takes to pull off one of our campaigns, from the selection of the location to the clothes, Nathan holds nothing back!
This week we are joined by Tim Abney and Sanaz Enshaian. Tim is the Director of Global Education Development, and Sanaz is the Senior Marketing Manager for KEVIN.MURPHY. Together they will discuss the latest KEVIN.MURPHY launch, EVER.SMOOTH and give an insider’s perspective on what to expect for this exciting new launch.
COLOR.MASTER Janine Simmons talks all things TONERS sharing her secrets on how to enhance, refine and soften your hair colour while unveiling multi-dimensional shine and optimum hair health.
This week we are joined by Session Master James Nicholson. Tune in to hear James talk about his career – where it all began, and how he met Kevin and became a key member of the Kevin Murphy design team. From mastering styling and cutting to color, James will share his inspiration and tips on how he stays focused, relevant and continues to grow in the fast moving world of a Session Master.
What are the Core Principles of KEVIN.MURPHY? KEVIN.MURPHY Design Director, Wade Blackford and KEVIN.MURPHY Head Master, Nathan Gorman share with us the core principles that define the culture at KEVIN.MURPHY. Fashion, performance and environment have guided Kevin’s thinking in product development, inspired our new collections each year, influenced our creative team and shaped our brand message in the marketplace.
Disruption is what changes the industry. Looking for a program that’s innovative? Meet: SESSION.SALON. Jess Sash and Patrick Doyle talk us through the ground breaking program that originated in Australia with a primary focus to help stylists in the salon community focus on developing and sharpening their communication skills with clients. In this podcast, we outline how this unique program has revolutionised salon business for those who have attended.
Let’s talk about diversion. Meet our secret weapon – Patti Ubran – the President of Securities Essentials, an Ohio based private investigative firm. She’s been working with KEVIN.MURPHY for 7 years now. In this podcast, Patti shares what diversion is, where diverted product comes from, how to spot a salon that may be diverting, and what you can do to protect the market. Together we can take a stand against diversion!
Now introducing, a vegan hair colour option! Introducing COLOR.ME CREAM.LIGHTENER, AMMONIA-FREE. A 100% vegan version of COLOR.ME’s top-selling, cult-favourite CREAM.LIGHTENER. COLOR.ME Education Manager Jordana Geary discusses meeting your clients needs, and the new innovative, hydrating formula that delivers up to 6 levels of lift, all without the use of ammonia.
Taking cues from runways and celebrities around the world, fashion and beauty are celebrating the use of playful colour. In this episode, Global Director of Education Development Tim Abney, discusses the introduction of COLOURING.ANGELS – colour enhancing treatments that instantly refresh haircolour with a nourishing effect. Revolutionising the way clients care for their colour and proving that blondes are not “one size fits all”!
Vincent Tercé, General Manager of KEVIN.MURPHY France, shares with us the education experience at the new KEVIN.MURPHY academy in Paris, France. Opened in 2018, the academy is located in the beautiful fashion district in the 1st arrondissement in Paris and offers unparalleled cut, colour and style classes featuring sought after industry artists.
The LOVE Brigade. Lisa Marx, KEVIN.MURPHY V.P of Sales and Education in North America, has created the hottest sales program in the beauty industry. Empowering Distributor Sales Consultants with the tools to approach premium salons in their territory, Lisa outlines how this innovative program is changing how consultants approach their business – by learning successful tactics through the Love Brigade training!
Kicking off the digital LAUNCH.ME package, Global Director of Education Development, Tim Abney, takes us through the latest edition to the REJUVENATE regimen – YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER. Now available on demand, gain consumer insights and learn how to position the product and its key features and benefits through social media channels.
Are you ready for the holidays?! Director of Business Development for North America, Pasha Ghanei, shares how KEVIN.MURPHY sets salons up for retail success during the busiest time of the year. Pasha shares his expertise and details his favourite products from the 2019 Holiday Promotions including SWEET.HYDRATION, SPEAKING.VOLUMES and FIRST.CRUSH – our Limited Edition hair perfume.
COLOR.ME Education Manager, Jodana Geary, shares expert insight on COLOR.ME’s CREAM.LIGHTENER. The new highly cosmetic bleaching cream offering maximum control and up to 7 levels of lift. Jodana shares the key features and naturally derived ingredients that make this innovative, hydrating and conditioning formula unique, a few of her favourite lightening techniques, and why CREAM.LIGHTENER is the perfect choice for global application.