The KEVIN.MURPHY ICON Award is a global award program open to all stylists in the KEVIN.MURPHY Salon Network. Here are the 10 finalists!

Scruff's Barbershop

Austin, Texas

“As the founder of SCRUFF’S Barbershop, I am honored to share the story of a vision that has grown beyond the boundaries of a traditional barbershop into a vibrant community space in the heart of Austin, Texas. Since 2019, our heartfelt initiative, Community Inclusion, has aimed to align with our shop’s fundamental identity of being more than a place for just haircuts, but a sanctuary celebrating inclusivity, individuality, and the inherent beauty within each person.​''

Salon​ Mercury

Seattle, washington

“‘Best Day Ever’ is a joy-based community mutual aid program, we produce quarterly pop-ups that serve Seattle’s unhoused population, providing haircuts, lunch, coffee, treats, clothing, an opportunity to be creative with art, hygiene and other supplies necessary and access to providers and other organisations that help our houseless friends.''

Salon O​

Salt Lake City, Utah

“The 'Anegundi Empowerment Project’ works with girls and mostly single women particularly from the lower castes in Anegundi, a village in the south of India and provides education opportunities for girls and mentorship for women who want to open small businesses.''

Salon O started their involvement in 2015 with the team donating their personal funds to sponsor a young girl from the village. Tanu now owns and operates a very successful salon, and in December 2023 Tanu finished mentoring and training Krishnamma, who has now opened her own salon in the village. We donated a suitcase of hair tools to get her started.

Vanhamel Antwerp​

Antwerp, Belgium

"For 6 years we have been organising 'Central Hairstation' at Antwerp Central Station. The event is about giving back to the less fortunate. ​This year we took our initial project further and incorporated numerous organizations that support disadvantaged youth. It was heartwarming to be able to help our future. Haircuts, clothing, soup, sandwiches, coffee, survival kits were only a few of the things we offered to these gorgeous humans."


Ginger & ​Maude 

Portland Oregon

''I have a desire to make sure everybody feels genuinely welcomed in my salon, leading to the introduction of livable wages for all staff members, installation of size-inclusive chairs and custom-designed cutting capes, quiet appointments for clients with anxiety, diversity in hiring and redefining our pricing structure to be based on hair length, rather than gender. We also have a Learning Exchange Program which addresses the lack of education and equitable haircare services for those extra curly and coily hair and is available for clients with 4A-4C textures. All appointments through this program are free of charge and while stylists enhance their skill set."

The Beauty ​Project Salon ​

Reno, Nevada

“The Beauty Project is an eco & community minded, gender-neutral nonprofit and hair chair (LLC) in Reno, Nevada as well as research project. The Beauty Project is committed to cultivating harmony by blending inner and outer beauty and providing hair services for the everyday human. The Beauty Project Foundation's mission is to make beauty and self care services accessible to people that are experiencing financial distress while simultaneously taking care of the service provider’s time and cost.''

Reign Salon &​ Retreat

Melbourne, Australia 

“The Human Hairdresser’ originally began as a workshop I created to educate hairdressers on how to look after their own health. As part of this, I donated boxes of hair equipment to @deadly_hairdude, a company that develops and maintains a capable workforce in remote communities in Australia's Northern Territory, training indigenous people to cut, colour and style hair. Another part of 'The Human Hairdresser' is being an ambassador for @hair3rs which is a nonprofit organisation preventing domestic & family violence by educating hairdressers and barbers on how to recognise, respond and refer any client that may be vulnerable.

Myth ​Salon​

Kranj, Slovenia 

"The charitable event ‘Mother Nature In Hair’, was organised on the 25th of May 2023 in spa resort Snovik, Slovenia. The vision of the event was to present nature with all its elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth in a unique way. As a stylist, I designed special hairstyles dedicated to all 5 elements through the usage of KEVIN.MURPHY products. 

All the money gathered was donated to Charity: Water."

Paloma ​Salon

Sydney, Australia

A Brush with Climate is an environmental program developed by Paloma Garcia, Founder and CEO of Paloma Salon in partnership with Environmental Leadership Australia (ELA), a not-for-profit organisation championing community and political leadership on climate change that works constructively to advance practical, evidence-based climate and environmental policy.



Piteå, Sweden

“We decided to travel to Uganda to a school in Kampala named St.Annes. We went there to paint and fix toilets for young children. We also donated shoes, clothes, period pants, soap, shampoo and conditioner for the children that attend the school. On 26th October 2023 we traveled to Uganda and the school, where we stayed and worked for 9 days. Our customers also got really inspired and involved with contributions.''