The First ICON AWARD Winner!

KEVIN.MURPHY is proud to announce the first winner of the KEVIN.MURPHY ICON Award 2022: HAIR TOGETHER from Dublin, Ireland.

HAIR TOGETHER is an Irish Enterprise made up of three fully recovered people who previously struggled with addiction and grew up in Ballymun, a disadvantaged neighbourhood in Dublin. Even with the troubles, a fantastic community lived within. 

Having recognised youths were perpetuating the same cycle of abuse they had since the 80s, they felt the need to create a solution to this problem. HAIR TOGETHER developed a 10-week educational and personal development programme that utilises hairdressing and barbering to stimulate creativity and develop life skills—keys to a happy, healthy and productive mind. 

Their mission: encourage personal creativity, invention, self-motivation, and positive risk-taking while creating a supportive and encouraging environment that provides a platform for individual expression and personal growth.

They pass on skills so freely given to them by their own recovery and are of service to those in their community, struggling in the same way they have. They are a safe place to go, a place to feel at home, where they share their community and companionship.

An ICON is a leader; an ICON creates a ripple that transcends our industry, and for these reasons and many more, we congratulate this year’s ICON Award recipient, HAIR TOGETHER. You inspire us all.

Watch Kevin Murphy’s motivation for choosing the ICON winner:

Congratulations to Eileen McHugh, Gemma McCabe and Tony O’Reilly of HAIR TOGETHER!

See how Eileen McHugh reacted when KEVIN.MURPHY Chairman Peter McDonald surprised her with the news that HAIR TOGETHER had won the KEVIN.MURPHY ICON Award:

Read HAIR TOGETHER’s submission here or learn more about the KEVIN.MURPHY ICON AWARD here