Featured Salon: Powdered Beauty Boutique
1. What makes your salon unique?
While still doing quality work, like all of us @ KM do; I like to finish my guests with a complimentary make-up and a mini/teaser photo shoot session. Just, so they leave with the feeling of power, confidence, beauty and glam! I also rent out the space to local artist for  a few hours so they can show and display their work.
2. What are you best-selling KM products?
Full.Again, Hair.Resort, Fresh.Hair and Night.Rider for sure are the ones our guests love to have!
3. What is your average customer like?
We get a bit of all different types and characters but our average would have to be young professional living a double life! All work and professional during the day and playful and fun at night!
4. What is your philosophy towards retailing products?
Definitely having extensive knowledge of what we have in the store is a plus! I think having company core values is where it all begins.  Trial and error and part business savvy also takes part with this philosophy. List of values that are important to Powder Beauty Boutique include respect, commitment to personal and professional development, having a focus on environmentally practices and an unwavering commitment to quality as top  priorities. Having our team believing in the product we are selling and using is crucial. The sale, then becomes more natural.
5. What is the salon’s industry biggest challenge?
I would probably have to say finding extremely passionate and motivated team members. Trying to keep and maintain an equally excited and motivated group is tough, considering we all have different personalities and goals! As a salon owner my beliefs would definitely vary with an employee.
6. What is the best business advice you would give to other salon owners?
To stop focusing on how much money the salon made that day and start focusing on how many guest/clients left the salon content,satisfied, respected and well serviced by your staff.20130605_000511