Paz Bamrolia

Parul “Paz” Bamrolia has had a long and exciting journey with KEVIN.MURPHY. She has been with the company for over seven years. Paz started out as a hairdresser in Birmingham, quickly moving onwards and upwards by taking a degree in teaching, as she felt she wanted to give back to the industry. For several years she worked at the Coventry Technical College, where she was able to share her knowledge and passion with future hairdressers. Signing up to the KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SALON program turned her world upside down; she immediately felt at home and started out as a KEY for the UK market. Paz has always brought love and laughter wherever she has gone, and she has been a popular educator amongst her peers. It was only natural for her to progress into a STYLE.MASTER for Europe, where she began mentoring KEYS all over the continent.

“We have opened up the mind of the stylist, getting them to understand that it’s not just about picking up a product, but also how they can change the way they look at their clients, when it comes to hair, and solving their challenges!”

Working backstage has also been a massive part of Paz’ career; the culmination so far has been directing the Ida Sjöstedt show at Stockholm Fashion Week. Paz is passionate about both Styling and Colouring, and she has been introducing COLOR.ME to as diverse markets as Armenia, Iceland & UK. One of Paz’ successes is how she has grown not just stylists but also the UK market by being the face of SESSION.SALON for years.

“COLOR.ME has brought back my passion for Colour and has helped me be more artistic with the colour, giving my clients and models the hair colour of their dreams”, she says.

Paz embraces the different cultures and hairdressers that she meets all over the world, and this strengthens and inspires her work. She always brings edginess, and she is an advocate for pushing the boundaries and bringing out everyone’s personality, so they can grow into the best they can be.