Pascal Van Loenhout

Inspired by the global exposure of British hairdressing in the 90’s, and subsequently moving to London to be at the very heart of these radical new trends, Pascal grasped the opportunity to be part of a new movement turning hairdressing into an art form, and duly established himself at the forefront of international education.

His eponymous salon, Hair by Van Loenhout, opened in 2007 in the heart of Antwerp, a boutique salon and academy introducing bespoke hairdressing to a growing clientele. Fuelled by endless passion and creativity, Pascal believes that through sharing individual knowledge and strengths, stylists can grow and unite as a team, and this in turn will lift and further everyone’s creativity.

As a KEVIN.MURPHY DESIGN.DIRECTOR for CUTTING he shares his knowledge and inspiration and is committed to furthering education and creativity in everyone he works with. From stylist to client, he aims to inspire creativity, and helps them expand upon their personal style.