Juha-Matti Manninen

Juha-Matti is a KEVIN.MURPHY STYLE.MASTER based in Europe. A passionate educator, he has delivered education programs to hairdressers in twenty-six different countries, and has served as the Hair Director for endless Fashion Week events.

Delighted to be part of the KEVIN.MURPHY creative team, and committed to delivering our educational programs internationally – Juha-Matti believes that the opportunity to teach is without question the most rewarding experience, and loves the endless creativity and inspiration he receives from just being involved with such a high-level creative team.

‘It’s such a rewarding experience when I get the opportunity to teach hairdressers something new.’ Juha-Matti has also worked on numerous Fashion Week events including Melbourne, London, Copenhagen, and Stockholm.

Fashion weeks are always so important to Juha-Matti because he’s able to bring back the techniques and visuals from these inspiring events to share with hairdressers all over the globe.