‘Come As You Are’

In 2018

at KEVIN.MURPHY, we have noticed a very strong movement toward individual expression, this understanding permeates every facet of our education. To exceed our clients’ needs, we need to be aware of the uniqueness and individuality of every person. In a world that seems frenetic and full of choice, more than ever, clients will increasingly look to you to cut through this clutter and help them realize not only who they are, but also who they want to be.


Pulling inspiration from Comme des Garçons, post-modernism and Memphis Design, our collection celebrates the colourful and eccentric nature we all have within us. One size no longer fits all. Anything that was out, is in, and there are no bad ideas; only ideas.


We invite you to ‘Come As You Are.’

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The exciting world of editorial styling and runway shows has never been more attainable for you and your clients with the courses on offer from KEVIN.MURPHY. A brand known for its high-performance products and modern approach to styling hair, KEVIN.MURPHY can show you the latest trends inspired by high fashion from around the world. This year at KEVIN.MURPHY individual expression permeates every level of education. We aim to be aware of the uniqueness and individuality of every person. One size no longer fits all. Our job is to help clients navigate this change and that's why we are proud to launch 'Come As You Are' in 2018. Now is the time to celebrate the colorful and eccentric nature that we all have and with our education give you the tools and knowledge needed to tailor each and every cut, colour and style you create to your clients' needs. Fashion is no longer just seasonal. Let's explore our self-expression and break the rules - together!